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Tue Oct 23 13:33:16 EDT 2007

elijah church/ryan oppermann/will soderberg...
a meteorite landed right in the backyard
(cdr wrn-133)
-recorded 25 august 2oo7... produced by will soderberg... weirdo improvised acoustic session recorded in the woods with 'willy' the insect orchestra... we had a cookout, burned some wet wood with gas, waited for nightfall, then set up 5 mics and a mixer and recorded for 3 hours into minidisc...  the insects, frogs and other wildling noisemakers played thru everything...
mp3 http://www.existentialista.com/~uforika/2oo7o825-o5bexcerpt.mp3

will soderberg... touching-the-clouds
(dvd-r wrn-o1x)
-produced 1985 at the western michigan university... electronic sounds and video art by will soderberg, includes original soundtrack (remastered 2oo7) plus alternate soundtrack (from wrn-1o1 the-one-that-runs-through, recorded 1984-1985, remastered 2oo1)...

will soderberg with piotr michalowski... sync o6
(dvd-r wrn-132)
-recorded 1o march 2oo6 at the 'sync o6' digital arts festival held in the duderstadt center video studio at the university of michigan... digital video presentation and electronic sounds by will soderberg, including manipulation and processing of organic woodwind sounds played by piotr michalowski... 

$8/cdr $1o/dvd-r postpaid in usa/canada 
international orders please email first for shipping...
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lots of other shtuff still available
confusing music with art...

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