[Microsound-announce] call to video artists in NE Ohio (avantgarde/abstract)

Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 19:22:13 EDT 2007

Myself and my main musical collaborator Jason Henry are seeking a
video artist in the NE Ohio area who's work would compliment our
avant-garde sounds for a/v releases and future performances. We are
looking for someone who would be seriously dedicated to working on
collaborative projects with us.

If you would have any interest please touch base with us and we can
send you private links to our current sound projects.

Our music is avant-garde in style that could might described as the following...
ambient / minimal / microsound / experimental / musique concrete

Our sound brings together electronic, acoustic, and field recorded
sources into abstract sound collages. While we both have some
video/visual abilities ourselves we find it difficult to do it all
ourselves and would find it ideal to find a third like minded
individual to collaborate with whose primary focus would be of a
visual nature. We of course would be very interested in crossing the
lines of each others roles and contributing visual ideas and vice
versa with said collaborator.

We are currently working on a full length studio album and would find
it ideal to have a visual contributor to a cd/dvd audio visual release
and to manipulate and mix visuals live at performances as we do with

Potential collaborators may contact us at info at experimedia.net

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