[Microsound-announce] tactile / ivey

Mike Hallenbeck junior at juniorbirdman.com
Mon Oct 15 11:34:47 EDT 2007

Dear friends,

A couple of news items as I come up for air after a time that's been busy
even for me:

[ t a c t i l e ]

My latest mp3 release "Tactile" is available for free download on
Addendum, a net forum for sound works run by Ben Owen out in NYC.
"Tactile" is a series of five improvisations made with various objects and
materials in direct contact with a stereo microphone, recorded direct to
minidisc. It's available here:


[ i v e y ]

I've recently been honored with an Ivey Award for my theater sound design
work (the Minneapolis version of a Tony; or is it the other way around?).
The award acknowledges work on two shows with Emigrant Theater:
"Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh" by Jordan Harrison, for which I
also performed as a live Foley artist, and "Hunger" by Sheri Wilner.
Thanks to Emigrant and everybody who helped make these shows happen, as we
all share this award I think.

Thanks for your time! Hope you're well.


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