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Wed Oct 10 06:15:40 EDT 2007

This year a=v#2 lab/mini festival is organizing two 5-days
creative-performance-oriented workshops:

Smirnov, Guy van Belle
2.RADIO HACKING + RADIO ORCHESTRA by Sarah Washington, Knut Aufermann

Curated by Natalia Borissova.
a=v#2 is supported by Department of Arts and Culture of Munich.

The main focus of both workshops will be on creative tasks, instead of
pure technology.
Both groups will be working towards networked performances, one with
computer networks and one with fm radio networks.

_/Location of both workshops:
Kunstarkaden, Sparkassenstr. 3, 80331, Munich
U+S Marienplaz

_/On-line Registration form:

_/Public live performances:
There will be 3 kind of performances: one from each workshop group and
the final Jam-session when both groups improvising together.
24.11.07 from 20.00 - 22.00


workshop aims at introducing 'Theremin-sensors' as a new concept
towards physical computing.
The computer group of Andrey Smirnov + Guy van Belle will be building
unique audio/visual body-related instruments and create a network in
order to experiment with sharing sounds, images & data.
The main purpose of the workshop is to build an audiovisual 'Theremin
Orchestra' and perform with it on the last day of the workshop as a
live public event /24th November/.

November 20. to 24.11.07 from 12.00 to 17.00

_Registration deadline:
October 31, 2007

_/Participants profile:
This will be certainly of interest to any dancer, musician, visualist,
theater player, video artist or whoever is toying around with
technology for fun.
The participants should be able to performing on the last
day of the workshop /24th November from 20.00 to 22.00/

The maximum amount of participants 15.

The cost of the workshop is 50 euro.
For students, female artists and those, taking part in the second  
workshop is 40 euro.
Digital USB sensors for testing, experimenting and performing will be
provided by instructors.


_More info & registration:

_/About facilitators:
   Andrey Smirnov is an independent researcher and developer of
electronic music techniques, with a particular interest in design and
development of both hard- and software sensor technology with complex
relationships between the performer's actions and the interpretation
of this information in non-linear methods using custom software.
He is a founder of the Theremin Center for Electro acoustic Music and
Multimedia in Moscow, where he gives lectures and workshops on the
basics of electro acoustic music, musical acoustics and
psychoacoustics, resent computer music technologies and multimedia.
   Guy van Belle is a net sound artists. Since the early 1990s he has
been developing network based multimedia technology for music and
sound art. As an independent artist and networker he works with
changing partners on projects such as \\An`a*tom\"ic\\, mXHz and
Society of Algorithm investigating different forms of collaborative
work. He is also a freelance curator, reviewer, lecturer and had been
managing international research projects for education and arts at the
electronic studio IPEM/Ghent.
http://mxhz.org, http://www.okno.be, http://societyofalgorithm.org,


The radio group of Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann would have
radios to play as instruments. Everybody will be able to use their own
individually modified radio as a musical instrument. The workshop will
introduce different techniques of conducting the group with all the
participants being encouraged to bring an idea for pieces and to
experience conducting the group.
The goal of the workshop is the formation of an orchestra of
electronic musicians and performing live on the last day of the

November 20 to 24.11.07 from 18.00 to 21.00

_/Participants profile:
The participants should be keen to dismantle radios and take part in a
collective musical performance.
No prior musical or electronics knowledge is needed. The participants
should be able to take part in all workshop sessions
/20th to 24th November from 18.00 to 21.00/ and perform on the last
day of the workshop /24th November from 20.00 to 22.00/

The maximum amount of participants 15.

English. Translation into German is possible, if and when needed.

The cost of the workshop is 35 euro.
For students, female artists and those, taking part in the first
workshop is 30 euro. Additional costs for materials /Toggle switches,
Crocodile clip test leads, Variable resistors, Capacitors, Battery
clips/ which you can keep after the workshop is 15 euro.

_/About facilitators:
   Sarah Washington is an instrument-builder, improvising musician and
radio artist who works all over Europe on varied projects. She helped
to set up the radio station Resonance104.4fm in London and has been
commissioned to make a series of radio works for the Tate Modern.
   Knut Aufermann is a musician and radio artist working across Europe.
He is a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra and co-founder of
the European radio art network Radio.
Together with Sarah Washington he performs in the radio feedback and
circuit bending duo Tonic Train.

_/More info & registration:

We can suggest an accommodation for about Euro 29/33 (single)
including breakfast.

E-mail: info at aa-vv.org
Tel: +49 089 30749611

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