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Call For Artists: Soundwave>Series ((3))

ME’D1.ATE is seeking artists and musicians for the third season of  
the Soundwave>Series, the innovative Bay Area multi-venue event  
series exploring imaginations in sound. Scheduled for the Summer of  
2008 in San Francisco USA, this season’s theme is titled MOVE>SOUND,  
where artists and musicians explore the intersection of motion and  
sound, in its production, collaboration, performance and interaction,  
and how this engages, inspires, and challenges audiences and  
performers with a new, bold and intense aural experience.

Important Dates
Call Opens: November 5 2007
Call Closes: December 17 2007
Invitations: February 4 2008
Performance Development: March-June 2008
Performance Dates: July/August 2008

The theme tries to reinterpret how we see, feel and experience our  
auditory senses, how this moves us physically, emotively,  
intellectually and spiritually. It investigates new and innovative  
ways to experience sounds relation to movement and explore how these  
connections invigorate and inspire new directions in sound making.

ME’D1.ATE seeks proposals from sound artists, experimental musicians,  
vocalists, bands, classical/traditional musicians, orchestras,  
composers, performance artists, dancers, installation artists, media  
artists, filmmakers, animators, spoken word artists, visual artists  
and other artistic organizations and individuals that involve an  
exploration between sound and movement. Performers are encouraged to  
explore new and innovative ideas of getting audiences closer to their  
own sound/music using forms and concepts of movement. Possible ideas  
may include motion sensors, dance collaborations, film  
collaborations, theatrics, moving vehicles, visual cues, sound  
generating mechanisms, installations, audience movement, and any  
other ideas conjured by your imagination)

Proposals must include:

• Project Brief (describing what you are interested in doing, how it  
involves the theme of movement, and what you are hoping to achieve  
with the audience. Provide in proposal equipment/instruments/ 
collaborations being used, including what equipment is needed for  
performance (clearly identify all equipment/collaborators the artist 
(s) cannot provide) (250 words)

• Brief Biography (100 words) and Bio photo

• Website and relevant links to previous sound/music works (DO NOT  
attach sound or movie files, only links to these files)

(Brief and Bio must be sent via email, but supporting materials may  
be sent to MEDIATE NETWORK, P.O. Box 170305, San Francisco, CA  
94117-0305 if necessary)

Submit to: submissions at me-di-ate.net
Inquiries and Questions: connect at me-di-ate.net
Project Website: www.projectsoundwave.com
Organization Website: www.me-di-ate.net

Most performances are limited to approx 20 minutes long. Please  
indicate in your brief if your piece needs to be longer or shorter.  
After proposal acceptance, some productions may require development  
time and learning of new technologies to be fully realized. ME'D1.ATE  
can help explore possibilities with you in terms of collaborators,  
equipment and feasibility needs but the artist is fully responsible  
for the final work and its requirements for performance.

ME’D1.ATE encourages all to apply however we are unable to provide  
travel or housing costs for those outside of the San Francisco Bay  
Area. Performances are paid (per performance- regardless of amount of  
performers) and is TBD based on funding awards currently in process.  
As ME’D1.ATE is actively seeking grant support, opportunities to this  
funding may be available to artists who respond before November 15 to  
this call.

About Soundwave>Series

Soundwave>Series is Project>Soundwave’s biennial event series  
recently named Best Sound Sculptures – Future Classic by San  
Francisco Magazine’s BEST of 2007 issue. Each season investigates a  
new idea in sound and invites diverse multidisciplinary artists and  
musicians to explore the season’s theme in new and innovative  
directions. It challenges and inspires artists and audiences to look  
deeper into the sound medium and discover new connections to sound  
making and experience. The Soundwave>Series has completed two  
successful seasons, Season 2’s SURROUND>SOUND in 2006 and Season 1’s  
FREE>SOUND in 2004, and is currently developing Season 3’s MOVE>SOUND  
set to launch in 2008. Project>Soundwave, launched in 2004, explores  
the boundaries of how we see sound, language and music. It is a  
project dedicated to explore innovative sound work and present  
intriguing artists in sound and music through the production of CDs,  
exhibitions and live events. Its mission is to explore the creation  
of sound; attempt to understand and shape the aural landscapes in  
everyday life; and finding innovative ways to engage the listener  
using sound as language, music, environment or a vehicle for human  
connection and interaction.

"The Soundwave Series has sought to make irrelevant the typical  
distinctions between artist, musician, audience, stage, and venue...  
idiosyncratic performances that are challenging, charming, magical,  
assaultive, and (as is always the case with really sweet sound art)  
deeply personal for everyone present." –SF Weekly

"It's an artisitic and exploratory experience for your senses that  
will open your eyes and your mind." – Nitevibe

"The result is a breathtaking assortment of experimental sounds,  
noises and rhythms… that approach sound from a uniquely artistic  
perspective...testing the limits of sound's raw emotional  
capability." -– SF Examiner

About ME’D1.ATE Network

Based in San Francisco, USA, ME'D1.ATE produces innovative  
exhibitions in visual and sound arts with diverse emerging and  
established local and international artists and musicians. It  
connects these works to new and diverse audiences through the  
initiation of exhibitions, products and live events, which include  
the online art exhibition, The.ME.Project (www.meproject.com)  
launched in 2002 and the CD and event series, Project>Soundwave  
(www.projectsoundwave.com) released in 2004.
ME'D1.ATE's projects challenge perspectives to inspire new and unique  
experiences within ourselves and the world around us. Our goal is for  
audiences to look beyond the surface, and look deep into ideas and  
works critically, imaginatively and without limitation.

Founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada, ME'D1.ATE Network was born to  
fulfill the need for an innovative forum for artists and a voice for  
progressive ideas to be seen, heard and explored.

Alan So, Director, ME'D1.ATE Network
network: www.me-di-ate.net
artlog: mediateart.blogspot.com
studio: www.alansostudio.com
sound: www.projectsoundwave.com
series: www.projectsoundwave.com/series
exhibit: www.meproject.com
store: www.me-di-ate.net/store.html

aka jorge bachmann 				sculpture-photography-sound
P.O.Box: 15953
San Francisco, CA 94115 			http://anihilo.com
M: (415)706-9629 				http://ruidobello.ch

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