[Microsound-announce] vague terrain spring update

Neil Wiernik neil at phoniq.net
Fri May 18 15:41:37 EDT 2007

Hello Friends and Peers,

This mailout is intended to provide a brief update of what is going within
the Vague Terrain camp in what is turning out to be a very busy spring.

First and foremost, we are in the midst of preparing our issue on Sample
Culture. It has been an interesting issue to curate, and we're quite
excited about the work that we will be showcasing. We expect the issue to
launch in late June as the MUTEK festival will be a bit of a speed bump in
our usual production schedule. Our September issue will be dedicated to
exploring lo-fi technology and art, so if you know of any work you'd think
we'd be interested in please get in touch with us at
submit at vagueterrain.net

On the topic of MUTEK, Neil Wiernik's NAW project will once again be
showcased at the festival as part of the Bande part / MUTEK Cafe Electronika. 
This  concert series will bring together live streams from the studios of 33 
musicians across Canada and broadcast live at the Hotel Godin, on 
http://www.bandeapart.fm, and on the Espace Musique channel on Sirius 93 
satellite radio.
Neil will be performing on Thursday May 31st at 2pm.
Neil also just received a very positive review in the Wire for
his recent City Saturate full-length where the project was praised for the
fact that "Looped and reworked into different speeds and rhythms, it
demonstrates how a conceptually minimalist approach doesn't automatically
mean less."

Another music update: Greg J. Smith will be DJing at the upcoming PUSHER
event in Toronto on Saturday May 26th. The event features a multimedia
collaboration between Monolake and Peter Mettler as well as a live
performance from Granny'Ark, a DJ set from Task, and live video from Noir.
This event takes place at the Deleon White gallery at College & Dufferin.
More info available at http://www.pusher.cc

Thanks for your continued support!

Neil Wiernik & Greg Smith

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