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Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 14 07:02:02 EDT 2007

dear readers,
just back from macedonia where I DJ ed and co animated (with Dave  
Howell from FatCat) our seminar explaining how to run an indie label,  
how to develop internationally and other subjects in the indie business.
It went really well and for those of you living in Athens we'll do it  
again in Benaki Museum for Synch festival.

And in mid August in Poland during Off festival.

Both will be done by yours truly and Markus from the label Staubgold

And for now we are very proud to share with you 2 new releases :

Spaceheads & Max Eastley : a very long way from anywhere else [bleep 35]
Spaceheads are a unique duo of trumpet (Andy Diagram) played through  
electronics and looped with drums (Richard Harrison). Max Eastley is  
a sound sculptor, artist, and musician who plays an instrument he  
invented and made himself called The Arc. It is a monochord of wood  
and wire, which is scraped, bent and flexed into an orbit of  
amplified effects. This new CD was recorded live, improving at two  
very different locations, one an island of the south of France during  
Mimi festival, and the other a remote village on the North Yorkshire  
moors, both venues a very long way from anywhere else.
"A fascinating meeting of surreal improv strategies and electronic  
abstraction, A Very Long Way From Anywhere Else, is, as the title  
suggests, a pretty unique piece of work. Recommended." BOOMKAT / UK

Rothko : eleven stages of intervention [bleep 36]
Following releases on such visionary labels as Lo Recordings, Simon  
Raymonde’s Bella Union, Too Pure and Kraak, Bip_Hop is pleased to  
welcome the release of Rothko's new album. Mark Beazley (bass),  
Michael Donnelly (bass), Ben Page (keyboards/percussion) and Tom Page  
(drums) continue to create a warm and inviting sound, where solitary  
keyboard melodies transition from exploratory passages and fragile  
beauty intertwines effortlessly through somber basslines. The music  
of Rothko at equal turns challenges and comforts the listener. At  
first perhaps confrontational, yet ultimately nurturing, the band's  
eleventh fulllength release -- adds to Rothko's already innovative  
and impressive catalogue.
"It’s like a more melancholy, more muted Godspeed You! Black Emperor,  
without the hint of post-rock cliché, or at times even like Southern  
Lord’s slow rockers Earth without the metallic subtext – this is  
cinematic and evocative music in the best possible way... Quite  
hauntingly beautiful… recommended!" BOOMKAT / UK

Each Digipack CD is 15 Euros  (postpaid).
Please make cheques in Euros and payable to Kinetic Vibes.

FREE w/ any order our brand new BiP_HOp sticker.

ACT FAST since quantities are limited...

Feel free to order via PAYPAL

oe else

We accept Master & Visa card.

thanx for your attention
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