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>Subject: Canada Council seeks input on future directions
>Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 10:02:24 -0400
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>Canada Council seeks input on future directions
>Ottawa, May 9, 2007 ­ The Canada Council for the 
>Arts, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary 
>this year, is asking the arts community and the 
>public to help guide the future directions of 
>the national arts funding agency.
>In developing its strategic plan for 2008-2011, 
>the Canada Council will be holding consultations 
>over the next two months with a wide range of 
>service organizations representing various 
>components of the arts community, as well as 
>other provincial, territorial and regional arts 
>funders and federal departments and agencies. 
>The Council is also enabling other interested 
>individuals and organizations to provide their 
>input through its web site.
>³Our objective is not to abandon well-respected 
>programs that have gained the Council a 
>reputation for effectiveness and 
>responsiveness,² said Canada Council director 
>Robert Sirman. ³Rather, we seek to identify 
>where our energies and resources would best be 
>focused in the immediate future.²
>³In the longer term, we want to make this 
>already strong organization even stronger,² he 
>said. ³We want to put the arts in the centre of 
>the lives of Canadians, improve the Council¹s 
>ability to support the continuing evolution of 
>the arts, and deepen the relevance of the arts 
>and the Council to Canadians.²
>Mr. Sirman said the Canadian arts scene, as well 
>as the demographics of Canada¹s population, have 
>changed significantly since the Canada Council 
>was created by Parliament in 1957.
>³New technologies, a more diverse population and 
>continuous growth in the number of artists and 
>arts organizations across Canada are just some 
>of the developments that are having an impact on 
>the Council¹s programs and priorities,² 
>Mr. Sirman said. ³We want the arts community and 
>the public to let us know what the Council could 
>be doing better to improve its support of the 
>arts for the benefit of all Canadians.²
>In order to enable individual artists and 
>interested Canadians to participate in the 
>process, a discussion paper and contact 
>information will be posted on the Canada 
>Council¹s web site at 
><http://www.canadacouncil.ca/> as of May 14.
>The Council¹s strategic plan will be developed 
>over the summer and early fall, and will be 
>reviewed by the board of the Canada Council 
>during its 50th anniversary meeting in Montreal 
>in October 2007. Once approved by the board, it 
>will be released to the public and posted on the 
>Council¹s web site.
>Media contact:
>Public Affairs, Research and Communications
>Donna Balkan: 613-566-4305 or 1-800-263-5588, ext. 4134
>E-mail: <mailto:donna.balkan at canadacouncil.ca>
>Carole Breton: 613-566-4414 or 1-800-263-5588, ext. 4523
>E-mail: <mailto:carole.breton at canadacouncil.ca>
>Visit our 50th anniversary web site at 
><http://www.50.canadacouncil.ca/> and our 50 for 
>50 Arts Challenge site at 
>Tous les documents du Conseil des Arts du Canada 
>sont offerts en français et en anglais.


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