[Microsound-announce] Furthernoise Playlist

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Thu Mar 29 13:44:09 EDT 2007

Furthernoise on BCfm

Playlist 1 - 27/03/07

Track				Artist						Label

Sleep Driver 			Martin Stig Anderson			Sonicities
Selection 1 			Rob Curgenven & Derek Holzer	Independant

Guetto Express 		Ultra Red						Public Record

The Speaker Hurts 		Holzkopf						Dainty Deathy

Last Track 			Blevin Blectum					Paemedia

Just Wait For It All To 	Fuzz Against Junk				Invader Rocks
Take Hold 	

Track 8 				Millfield Primary School 			Sonic Arts Network

The Last Ride 			Carter Tutti					CTI

Dream Theory 			Jon Hassell					 EG Records

Anon at 81_67_97_x 		Marc Francombe & Anonamous 	Independant

Alvino Linter 			Mikroknytes					Kavekavity

Neverland 			Don Meers					Groovescooter 												Records

Podcast available at http://www.furthernoise.org
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