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Event Horizon <http://www.flushingdevice.it/discography.html>
Flushingdevice <http://www.flushingdevice.it/>
Betulla <http://www.betullarecords.com/> - BTL006

About 36 minutes of environmental recordings and real time processed guitar.
All sounds recorded and played by Alessandro Massobrio in 2005, guitar,
softwares, synthesiser, microphones except track two that contains a
binaural soundwalk in Buenos Aires, recorded in 2005 by Fernando Boto
Ardouin, some children getting read to eat lunch at a Jewish school in New
Jersey, 2006, recorded by Tim Kahn and the final Ghost Charly stroy, that is
Kyle Mathers, 1983, when he was 7 years old. The child singing E...I...O in
"Clouds of Magellan" is Noise Collector from a tape from 1974 that his
grandmother made of him singing when he was 2 and half years old.

Transparent Jewel box
7 tracks - Paypal 12 €
Shipping EU: 3 €
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