[Microsound-announce] Sound of Space - Radio Zero, Lisbon

paulo raposo :: sirr sirr at sirr-ecords.com
Sun Mar 4 14:17:04 EST 2007

Sound of Space - Radio Zero, Lisbon

20.30 - 21.00 pm Friday nights (GMT +0) and Mondays 11.00- 11.30 am (bis)

Listen online:  <http://radio.ist.utl.pt/ouvir/>


Interview with Rob Curgenven

This week, in colaboration with Radioincorrect.org and Tobias, we start the
presentation of a series of shows about the kleine field recordings festival
which was held last month in berlin at several locations.
This Festival was organized by Rinus Van Alebeek and featured a vast number
of actions and artists. So to start with, you can listen to the interview
conducted by Tobias, with the australian sound artist Rob Curgenven.

Previous podcasts include Marc Behrens, Yannick Dauby, Janek Schaefer, John
Grzinich, Chris Watson, Murmer, Sound Transit

Same podcast link: http://podcast.radio.ist.utl.pt/soundofspace.xml

SoS is a program by Paulo Raposo.

Also, this current month, I hope to have finally ready the site of the
monthly radio program "2 ao quadrado" that has been running in the
portuguese national radio. Each program is 6 hours. Anyone who wants to
submit material is most welcome.

Stay tuned!

w:   www.sirr-ecords/pauloraposo
m. +(351) 961437246
a.  rua cidade nova lisboa 220 5A.
     1800 lisboa. 

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