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Jim Brouwer, Paul Emery, Joe Gilmore, Tom Knapp, Ed
Martin and Alex Peverett.
25 May 2002, The Crypt, Leeds Town Hall.

Poulenc is a live interpretation of Francis Poulenc's
religious choral and organ work Litanies à la Vierge
Noir (1936). The original work consists of a series of
prayers to Mary and was composed after the composer's
pilgrimage to the Marian shrine of Rocamadour which
contains a wooden Black Madonna. Black Madonnas are
thought to be related to pre-Christian Earth Goddess
traditions. Their dark skin, the colour of fertile
earth, is associated with feminine sexual power and an
archetypal Earth Mother who presides over both
fertility and death.

The ensemble performed on three consecutive nights to
three different audiences. The unedited recording
documented here was recorded directly to DAT on the
second night and contains no overdubs or
post-production. It was the intention of the artists
to preserve the spiritual nature of the original work,
to harness the sacred and cosmic, whilst
recontextualising the sound.

"I was really struck by the careful dismantling of the
original music. Like handling an ancient vase or
something. It was like watching a tight-rope walker –
the perfect balance between unpicking the classical
and reassembling it as something totally
contemporary." – Dominic Gray, Opera North.


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