[Microsound-announce] Disastrato: Flows/Flaws 1 [luv014]

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Sat Jul 28 12:26:20 EDT 2007

Hi All!

We're happy to announce our fourteenth free, online release since 2003.
Disastrato's Flows/Flaws 1 is an adventurous pastiche of pure tones, funk
samples, and forced overtones.

We know scarce few things about Cüret / [dzyret] / Kül / Disastrato.
He lives and works in Paris as a graphic designer. He has lived in
Ankara, Istanbul and Rennes. He's released a series of excellent
deconstructions on UK label Audiobulb and elsewhere. Nevermind all
that though - this album stands strongly on its own dispite the lack
of a history or personage to support it. Invent your own narrative,
color disastrato in outside the lines. Make a nice dinner, put the
lights on low, and let flows/flaws have its way.

You can download the album here:

Thank you so much,

Erik and Kevin
LuvSound Records

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