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Anthony Pateras | Chasms | released by Sirr

Tuesday, July 31st, 8 pm, Corner Hotel, Melbourne,


The album will be launched with supports Robin Fox, Natasha Anderson,  
Johnny Saw Horses and Marco Fusinato. Not a bad lineup eh?

Chasms is the debut solo prepared piano album from Anthony Pateras.  
Using the piano reconfigured into a psychoacoustic percussion  
orchestra, Pateras explores complex rhythms and extended timbral  
continuums. The music, as the performance is intesnse and physical.

note: Chasms is to be played at a high volume to achieve the maximum  
psychoacoustic effects of the preparations.

extracts in the site and at:http://www.myspace.com/sirrlabel


Fresh Reviews from: The Wire magazine, Vital and Tribune de Genéve!

What a great release it is. Pateras opens a fascinating world. Great  
debut. (Vital Weekly)

Chasms is a solo project that takes prepared piano seriously and  
delivers exhilarating results. (...) This music has depth – and it’s  
depth with content, not just a resonant hollowness. Cage and Ligeti  
may have shown the way, but that content is Pateras’s own and it‘s  
certainly worth hearing. (The Wire Magazine)

Anthony Pateras knows precisely what he wants. To be an electronic  
orchestra all by himself. Recover the richness of artificial sounds  
with acoustic-artisan recipees. With "Chasms", the composer- 
improviser opens a fracture in perception. One can swear to listen in  
the course of the three movements the clicking sounds of a fantastic  
sampler, a horde of virtual gamelans, a cloud of bells, the appeal of  
glass. All an electronique bestiary achieved simply by striking metal  
and paper inside a black sinkhole that we call a piano. Vertiginous.  
(Tribune de Genéve)



it is available from all good distributors and retailers…

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good summer news:

during august, we will offer a second cd for free (until sirr20) for  
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! have a great psicho-acoustic summer !

Paulo Raposo

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