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Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 10 07:42:15 EDT 2007

BiP_HOp Generation on Radio Grenouille  //  88.8 FM
Wednesday evenings  : 19:00 - 20:30 PM  //  Marseille  //  France

June 2007 Playlist

  ARTIST      ALBUM     label

Oxbow : the narcotic story (Hydra Head)
Rothko : eleven stages of intervention [BiP_HOp]
Port-Royal : afraid to dance (Resonant)
Janek Schaefer : in the last hour (Room 40)
Lost In Hildurness : mount A (12 Tonar)
Andrey Kiritchenko : stuffed with/out (Nexsound)
Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen and Stilluppsteypa : second childhood  
Art Fleury : i luoghi del potere (Die Schachtel)
Earth Monkey : be that charge (Beta Lactam Ring)
KTL : #2 (Editions Mego)
Evil Madness : demon jukebox (12 Tonar)
Telepathy : farewell forest (The Social Registry)
Six Twilights : s/t (Own)
Vale Poher : blue time vs. suspense (Optical Sound)
Harmonia Ensemble : Fellini/Nino Rota (Independant)
Function : the secret miracle fountain (Locust)
Paul Collins Beat : flying high (Get Hip)
RM 74 : fireproof in 8 parts (Hinterzimmer)
Basquiat Strings : w/ seb rochford (F-ire)
Apparat : walls (Shitkatapult)
P.V.T.V. : wing-chester (Off)
No Age : weirdo rippers (FatCat)
Tied & Tickled Trio : aelita (Morr)
Colleen : les ondes silencieuses (Leaf)
Vs_Price : songs06.txt. (Expanding)
Small Sails : similar anniversaries (Resonant)
Blaine L. Reininger : glossolalia (Off)
Vialka : plus vite que la musique (Via)
Pieter Nooten : our space (I-Rain)
Drifting In Silence : fall to (Labile)
Norscq : streams (Optical Sound)
Piana : eternal castle (Noble)
VA. pure psychedelic noise (Mandragora)
VA. f-ire works (F-ire)
2673 / Unicorn (Kitty Play)
VA. grass is always greener (Get Hip)
Nine Rain : mexico woke up (Independant)
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