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Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Sat Jan 27 07:08:42 EST 2007

Hi Microsounders,

While not everything on Furthernoise.org is in a microsound genre there 
are a few in this issue that might be of interest particularly Mark 
McLarens feature interview with Toby Butler and Lewis Gibson on their 
soundwalks project Memoryscape along the river Thames.

I hope you enjoy the new issue and as always we welcome all feedback, 
comments & proposals.

Furthernoise issue January 2007

"Memoryscape with Toby Butler and Lewis Gibson" (feature)
Memoryscape are sound walks that take place at two of the most 
contrasting stretches of river in London. DRIFTING begins in the 
peaceful surroundings of Hampton Court Palace and DOCKERS ends up in 
the rarely explored industrial landscape of the Greenwich peninsula. 
Mark Mclaren interviews Toby Butler and Lewis Gibson the artists behind 
the work and starts by asking how memoryscape was recorded and 
feature by Mark McLaren

"A little Hungry - The Caution Curves" (review)
Lets cut to the chase?
This may take some time... last thing they did (The Caution Curves CD) 
was really a surprise, of the cup of tea brought to you in bed variety, 
nice, thoughtful, warm and sweet.
But now I know what to expect... so I shall furrow my brow deeply in a 
serious music reviewer frown, grit my jaded teeth, prepare to be 
disapointed and insert the disk.
review by Mark Francombe

"Duae - Pablo Reche and Miguel Angel Tolosa" (review)
A collaboration between sound artists Pablo Reche (Buenos Aires) and 
Ubebeot (Madrid) which explores "post-industrial landscapes and 
isolated urban spaces".
review by Mark McLaren

"Hades by Marc Behrens and Paulo Raposo" (review)
In Hades Marc Behrens and Paulo Raposo take us on a seafaring journey 
to the imaginary underworld, witnessing an old sunken boat being 
wrenched from its watery grave gave them the idea to create a sonic 
journey towards the shadowy depths.
review by Mark McLaren

"noTnoTesnoTrhyThms by Henry Gwiazda" (review)
In the world of audio technology, 3D sound is often used as a selling 
point for all manner of weird and wonderful technologies. To Henry 
Gwiazda, however, the promise of "virtual audio" and placing sound in 
three-dimension space offers a world of possibilities.
review by Alex Young

"Sprawl London - Featuring Robert Hampson and Simon Longo" (review)
Sprawl - London Sunday 15th December Featuring Robert Hampson and Simon 
Longo. Despite the bleak wet Sunday night and collective end of year 
lethagy, the snug environs of London's Charterhouse Bar seemed the 
perfect setting to warm the cockles with the sonic perambulations of 
Simon Longo and Robert Hampson.
review by Roger Mills

"The IfIf - Ollo" (review)
Described as Sydney's own 'Fun Boy 2' Alex Crowfoot and Lars Chresta 
aka Ollo have created a electro downbeat tour de force in their new 
album The IfIf. Released through Groovescooter in Australia and 12 
Apostles in Europe & the USA, this sparkling array of tracks veers 
between electro pop, break beat dub & sonic art.
review by Roger Mills

"We All Fall Down - Off The Sky & The Circular Ruins" (review)
Any collaboration between Jason Corder (Off The Sky: samples and loops) 
and Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins: synths, treatments, 
samples) should prove interesting, at the least. Mixing Corder's 
quasi-whimsical idiosyncratic pops, clicks, glitch and beats with 
Kerby's darker textural ambient landscapes yields many things, but 
boring is certainly not on the radar.
review by Bill Binkelman

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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