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Tue Jan 2 06:17:37 EST 2007

silken tofu is proud to present a new release by belgian sound artist 

n'institu is a 20-minute blend of avantgarde, noise, microsound and 
info and sound snippets can be found at http://www.silkentofu.org


still available:
chromascope . sleep paralysis cdr

formatt . did we ever consider postmodernism? cdr
velvet narcosis cdr


silken tofu now also has some releases in stock from other labels. these 
are mostly items we received through trades and that i'm offering for 
sale on the site;
. kapotte muziek . cd . troniks/pacrec
. black sand desert . cd . troniks/pacrec
. various artists - frozen light . cdr . essentia mundi
. roricat . uki uki . cd horus/cyclic daeon


there will be a release party for the new formatt release, where two 
other formatt releases will be presented as well; 'did we ever consider 
postmodernism?' (st04) and 'himiko' (odradek 001).
this release party will take place on friday january 19th at galerij jan 
colle in ghent, belgium.

more info about the release party;


thank you for your attention

silken tofu
platform for experimental music & media

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