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Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
Jeu de temps / Times Play 2006 (JTTP)
+ eContact! 9.1

JTTP 2006 Results
The CEC is pleased to announce the results of 
JTTP 2006. We wish to congratulate the composers 
whose submissions were selected as the top five 
placing works (in order of placement) by an 
international jury:

      1. Priscille Gendron -- Camille (2005-2006/7:37)
      2. Raphaël Néron-B. -- Toons (2005/7:59)
      3. Yota Kobayashi -- Reminiscence (2006/5:17)
      4. Stefan Kozminchuk -- The mind is the voice (2006/7:30)
      5. Myriam Hamer-Lavoie -- Et pluie souffle... (2005/6:24)

eContact! 9.1 (JTTP 2006) is now online!
Each year one issue of eContact! is dedicated to 
highlighting the JTTP project. Programme notes 
and sound files of all submissions are featured. 
The prizes, jury members and project partners are 
also announced in this issue. It's now online at 
<http://eContact.ca>, so enjoy the listening!

Official Launch and Broadcast/Webcast - Top 5 JTTP Works
Eliot Handelman is once again hosting the 
official release of the JTTP Top 5, and will be 
joined by guests for the occasion. Tune in this 
Wednesday -- via radio or on the internet -- to a 
show about and around the JTTP 2006 top 5.

      Wednesday September 27, 2006 -- 9h00-11h30
      Where's the Beat?, hosted by Eliot Handelman
      CKUT 90.3 (Montréal) <http://ckut.ca>

Concert Performance - Top 11 JTTP Works
The top 11 placing works from this year's JTTP 
project will be played in the October EuCuE 
concert series (11-13 Oct.; specific concert 
details will follow). 

The CEC wishes to thank its membership, and the 
many individual and institutional donors who have 
helped make the JTTP project a continued success. 

Radio Broadcast / Webcast
Several international radio personalities (in 
Canada, USA, France, Chile) have committed to 
programming works from the competition in the 
coming months. Details will follow as broadcast 
dates are confirmed.

The CEC gives hearty thanks to all who submitted 
works to the competition, and again congratulates 
the winners!

jef chippewa
Administrative co-Director of the CEC

JTTP is a large multi-leveled project aimed at 
promoting and celebrating new electroacoustic 
works from young and/or emerging sound 
artists/composers from (or living in) Canada. 


Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
c/o Dept. de Musique, Université Concordia RF-302
7141 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montréal QC CANADA H4B 1R6
[ http://cec.concordia.ca | http://econtact.ca | http://sonus.ca ]

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