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a movement theater production by
two myopic girls: one for each eYe
unsound body and voice: 
ana karen suarez
live sound: 
jeff gburek (lap-top, prepared guitar, objects) 
Visit www.djalma.com 
April 1, 2006 @ Overtoom 301, Amsterdam.
21:00. 6 euro. 
A nearly-blind schoolgirl, bespectacled. Dreaming
through a haze of myopia, she runs into herself, her
skin seeing more than her eyes. She is most certainly
teetering on the awkward verge of puberty...when
everything is lost: split in two. There is no teacher,
no correction. Only the immediate reflections of
primitive ghosts and autonomic machines seeking the
(dis) equilibrium of an unseeable future. 
Djalma Primordial Science is the eight year
collaboration of sound artist Jeff Gburek and movement
theater artist Ephia, We are one of the few projects
in the world that consistently unites the disciplines
of experimental movement theater and live
electro-acoustic music in order to access an
underlying pre-expressive material (minutia) common to
both. Body (extended) becomes ear. Through the
practice of live improvisation we seek a restoration
of the primordial physical body and exploration of its
limits; the transmutation of the elements through
unstable sound and volatile movement. Accent is placed
on receiving from the environment rather than
producing. The works of Djalma Primordial Science--
appearing throughout the U.S.A and Europe in theaters,
galleries, music venues, derelict buildings, gaping
holes in the earth--draw on the particulars of
landscape and architecture in order to dismantle and
reconfigure the illusory SPACE of "theater" into a
real situation of intensely felt experience.
We invite you to visit www.djalma.com 
Djalma Primordial Science is making real art. They
have been using a hammer for a flute now for years,
and are very skillful at making use of the new
language the tools suggested to them. It may take an
audience member a while to get used to this new
language, but drinking in the syntax fundamentally
alters the way you breathe, the way you are
 This work
doesn’t try to make friends; it is exactly what it is,
just as a hurricane or an oil spill is what it is.
Ephia takes her body apart and puts it back together
wrong, so that her hand receives the messages the
spleen was supposed to get, so that the eyes are in
the soles of the feet, leaving her blind and
trembling. We go with her on the journey of this new
body across the room, and back again, and across the
room, and back again, because the journey is not
through space but through states of being. In a way
this is journalism, a clear communication of the news
from a foreign country. 
---Andrew Fearnside, Albuquerque Magazine

Ephia studied dance with Min Tanaka, Kazuo and Yoshito
Ohno, Anzu Furukawa, and Akira Kasai. Following her
interest in ritual dance, she traveled to study under
renowned teachers in Ghana, Java and Bali. She holds a
BFA in dance from Columbia University (NYC). She
danced in the company of the late Anzu Furukawa in
Berlin, appearing in Furukawa’s final production,
Goya: La Quinta del Sordo. In 1998, she began her
collaboration with musician Jeff Gburek. In the eight
years of consistent performance and teaching with
Djalma Primordial Science, Ephia’s deeply physical
practice has gradually been recast as the UNSOUND
BODY. This moniker "UNSOUND BODY" characterizes her
concentrations on instability, frailty and magma as
movement imperatives and her strong desire to scratch
away the veil of illusion from theater, leaving a
spare and potent bodily encounter. Her production Null
Achtzehn, a requiem for the nameless victims of the
WWII Holocaust, has appeared in the theaters of
Germany, Italy, and Poland. Djalma Primordial Science
was a company in residence at the Revolutions
International Theater Festival 2002. They performed
the 12-hour-long Naufragio Ballante at THE LAND/ an
art-site. Their most recent performance Ci-Gît: six
pregnancies for Antonin Artaud has been presented at
ODIN Teatret; Les Explorateurs Associés Festival;
Espace Antonin Artaud--Rodez; and Les Voutes in Paris,
as well as at underground venues in San Francisco, New
York City, Copenhagen, and Berlin. In July 2005, they
held a 13-day workshop entitled Die Entlarvung des
Körpers (Unmasking the Body) at the Mime Centrum
Berlin. In addition to their annual seven-day workshop
in the desert of New Mexico, INTEGRATING WITH/
workshops for actors, dancers, visual artists and all
those interested in unleashing a deep internal

Jeff Gburek is a guitarist /electronic music
composer/sound sculptor performing widely throughout
Western Europe and the USA. He employs extended &
prepared guitar techniques, signal processing, open
source applications and field recordings to create
richly textural music, wherein extreme pianissimo,
organic object manipulation and silence contrast
energetic swells of electronics. For 8 years he has
worked with movement artist Ephia in Djalma Primordial
Science, evolving a praxis of body and sound through
performance and pedagogy. Other projects include the
Berlin-based electro-acoustic trio ZYGOMA with
percussionist Michael Vorfeld and sampling by Michael
Walz. Appearances with Keith Rowe, Tetuzi Akiyama,
Kyle Bruckmann, Pascal Battus, Tatsuya Nakatani,
Annette Krebs and Tom Carter (Charalambides), show him
crossing many strains of improvised, electro-acoustic
and experimental music. His second solo CD from Nur
Nicht Nur is forthcoming in 2006. Recordings on his
own label Orphan Sound are available through Metamkine
in France and Erstwhile in the USA. He has recently
been re-orienting his electronic environment at STEIM
in Amsterdam, September 2005. Visit 

Ana Karen Suarez was born Havana, Cuba. In 1993 she
begin her studies of modern dance with the Narciso
Medina Cia. In 2000, she completed her degree in Drama
at Theater School “ Margarita Xirgú” in Montevideo,
Uruguay. In 2001 she had the opportunity to study with
the theater director Antunes Filho for 4 months in Sao
Paulo, Brazil, and at the same time she made her first
contact with butoh dance and physical theater.  She
began her work with Djalma Primordial Science in the
summer of 2005.

Dance-theater workshop led by 
April 2, 2006. 12:00-19:00 
@  Dans Studio Pauline de Groot
Koestraat 5, Amsterdam, NL.
(5 min from central station)
Cost: 60 euro. pre-registration required.
Contact:   djalmaprisci at hotmail.com
Tel. (+49) 0176-511-262-10
Workshop will be taught in English. 

j.ff gbk




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