[Microsound-announce] sustain mp3 + photos

Mike Hallenbeck junior at juniorbirdman.com
Thu Mar 23 10:59:06 EST 2006

Hi all,

Here's an mp3 excerpt of "Sustain", a continuous 3-hour collective drone
improvisation at Acadia Theater in Minneapolis on February 7th, 2006, plus
photos of the event:


Instrumentation ranged from from brass and strings to found objects and

Duration of mp3: 1 hour, 18 minutes, 41 seconds. Apologies to dialup users.

Performers included Bryce Beverlin II, Jon Davis, Casey Deming, James
Gaynor, Ben Glaros, Tim Glenn, Mike Hallenbeck, Cordell Klier, Bethany
Lacktorin, Patrick Lien, Paul Metzger, Sam Morrison, Nathan Phillips,
Samsa (Nathan Larson), Edward Schneider, Robert Skorro, Davu Seru, Mary
Springer, and Patrick Voller.



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