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nick knouf nknouf at sigtronica.org
Thu Mar 16 22:21:06 EST 2006

Hello list,

Just by way of introduction, my name is Nick Knouf; I've been lurking  
on the microsound and -announce list for a while now, every once in a  
while popping to the surface to leave a slight trace, then submerging  
again until far in the future.

I've been hosting an experimental and electronic music radio show for  
a couple of years now called sigtronica (http://sigtronica.org) on  
WMBR 88.1FM in Cambridge, MA, USA.  I'm on weekly, Wednesday nights  
from 2300-0000 Eastern Standard Time.  Recently I've gotten around to  
actually making the website functional with archives and playlists,  
along with the requisite podcast, of course (in reality, a packaging  
of the weekly archives for those who prefer to listen easily in  
iTunes or other software).

I'm always interested in hearing new experimental and electronic  
music, so if you have material, regardless of format, you can send/e- 
mail it to:

c/o Nick Knouf
3 Ames St
Cambridge, MA USA
nknouf at sigtronica dot org

Also, if you're in the Boston area, or simply visiting, and would  
like to play or chat on the air, drop me a line and we can set  
something up.

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) listening!

nick knouf


Slightly “reserved” in tone tonight, featuring some excellent drone  
by Kowalsky, Growing, and Charalambides. I found an interesting new  
artist in Et Ret, went back to my semi-indie roots with Mogwai, and  
threw in some contemporary classical with Kotche and Lucier (who was  
recently in the area at a concert of electro-acoustic music; I spoke  
with him a bit after the show, which was quite a delight).

1. Friend of the Night by Mogwai. Mr. Beast. Matador.
2. Q by Alvin Lucier. Wind Shadows. New World Records.
3. Mobile Parts 1, 2, & 3 by Glenn Kotche. Mobile. Nonesuch.
4. Ashes from Evermore by Gregg Kowalsky. Through the Cardial Window.  
5. voice box by Charalambides. gold leaf branches compilation.  
digitalis industries.
6. (Unknown) by Growing. Color Wheel. Megablade.
7. Letting Go of the Balloon by Et Ret. Gasworks. Western Vinyl.

Remember, I'm delighted to hear new experimental or experimental  
electronic music, so if you have material you want heard, send it in  
any format to:

c/o Nick Knouf
3 Ames St
Cambridge, MA USA
nknouf at sigtronica dot org

Visit sigtronica on the web at http://sigtronica.org


nick knouf
sigtronica on WMBR in Cambridge, MA USA :: 88.1FM

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