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Hello everyone.  2 new releases to tell you about.
You can check them out @ www.1pt8.com
Stores and wholesalers please email me @ chrisbryan78 at gmail.com for
wholesale info.


cat# (1.8)sec005
artist: Hervé Boghossian / Stéphane Rives / Matthieu Saladin
title: plateformes

When starting (1.8)sec.records, I planed on focusing the music on
minimal sound art, and electroecustic music. Since starting the label
it has taken a life of it's own pulling me increasingly towards
something that falls somewhere between improvisational free jazz and
the above mentioned genres. I am thankful for this, otherwise I may
not have gotten the chance to experience and release 'plateformes'.
The trio of Hervé Boghossian, Stéphane Rives, and Matthieu Saladin is
very much a free improvisational jazz group, but the music they output
goes way beyond what you could expect from the instrumentation.
Delicate, but with an incredible power pulling, pushing, and then
releasing the listener. Not power in noise or volume, but a power that
is coming from the players utilizing the physics of there instruments,
and the sound they produce. Through techniques of circular breathing,
bass clarinet feedback, and guitar feedback you'd be hard pressed to
pin any one sound on a particular instrument. I'm very excited about
this release. Enjoy this album, and make every effort to catch this
trio in performance.

Cat.#: (1.8)sec005
Edition: 500
Release Date: Mar 15th 2006
Format: CD
Total Length: TBA
Package Design and layout: Chris Bryan
Cover Photo: Taylor Deupree


cat# (1.8)sec004
artist: Dawid Szczesny
title: Snow Beetroot / Stapes I-III

Dawid Szczesny offers up the first in a series of unlimited edition 3"
CDR releases with limited hand made packaging.

Dawid Szczesny is a sound artist located in Wroclaw, Poland.

Dawid's works are mostly created through processing old vinyl LPs,
tapes, and field recordings.

Dawid's sound is both digital and warm/natural with an underling
melodic sensibility.

Snow Beetroot includes guitar sounds by Dawid Bargenda, which is
worthy of explanation; Duo Bargenda/Szczesny is a suspended-in-time
project, recently heard live on Polish tour with September Collective.
Snow Beetroot is mostly based on sounds of guitar, played by Dawid
Bargenda during a rehearsal in april 2005. None of these sounds were
supposed to be used on Bargenda/Szczesny recordings. Snow Beetroot may
however, be considered to be a result of this collaboration.

Stapes I-III are part of a bigger project. There is lot more Stapes
pieces. They are all never-ending loops, created to be played live,
with different timing, in different configurations. Each of them might
be listened either as a never ending loop or a finished piece itself.
The whole idea of using long, apparently simple loops, is to make a
listener perceive each sound's repeatability and principle, which is
different at every performance, depending - in some way - on accident.

Cat.#: (1.8)sec004
Edition: Unlimited runs of 100 with unique packaging.
Release Date: Dec. 12th 2005
Format: 3" CDR
Total Length: TBA
Package Design and layout: Chris Bryan
Cover Photo's: Mariusz Twardy

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