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Welcome to a bulging edition of Furthernoise which is the largest 
edition to date and contains reviews of some of the most innovative 
music and sound art to cross our desktops.

We feature the long awaited Music and Climate Change CD and as part of 
the Newcastle Science Festival 06 we are also hosting a 7 - 8 pm clear 
spot on Resonance FM on 27th of March when curator David De La Haye 
will be showcasing music from the compilation.

The 2nd 'Explorations in Sound' net release is now online which 
amoungst others features the much talked about James Wyness, Drone 
meisters Mikroknytes and Brazilian sonic mash-up artist SEB (who will 
be featured in the next edition).

Download the limited edition compilation with print / fold sleeve.

We have also extended our call for A/V artists to take part in our 
summer series of live net performances 'A Month of Sunday's'. The 
performances will be held on each Sunday afternoon of June starting at 
16.00 BST. See site for submission details.


"André Gonçalves & Kenneth Kirschner : Resonant Objects" (review)
Presented in New York last year as an installation, Resonant Objects is 
the result of a collaboration between Kirschner, Gonçalves and the 
Experimental Intermedia Foundation.
Listening to this disc brings us to discussions about the presentation 
of sound art. How related is this CD to the original piece?
review by Mark McLaren

"Dinosaur Dinosaur" (review)
The "DINOSAUR DINOSAUR" press release seems to make it required 
reviewing to name this genre 'beatpunk'. Which, I guess is a reasonable 
request: The album has that thrown-together plundered sound, where the 
so-called punk aesthetic of similar artists such as KID606 can either 
grate or work depending on the how all juxtapositions work out.
review by Mark McLaren

"Inside Voices" (review)
James Wyness is a sound artist based in Jedburgh in the Scottish 
Borders. Inside Voices represents his first release on his label 
Faraway, and is a limited edition release of 100 copies.
review by Alex Young

"jgrzinich - insular regions" (review)
John Grzinich's new album reflects the surroundings and pace of life in 
a small Estonian village called Mooste, where the sound was recorded 
and assembled. The work takes the form of two long pieces (18 minutes 
and 44 minutes respectively) which could be pigeon-holed as 
'deep-listening drones with field recording textures'.
review by Mark McLaren

"Kiss Me Deadly" (review)
Misty Medley is KISS ME DEADLY's new album on Alien8 records. Without 
hearing this Montreal band's first album I can't tell if they've come 
on in leaps and bounds, found this a 'difficult' second album, or even 
have shied away from their earlier influences...
review by Mark McLaren

"LINUX OPEN SOURCE SOUND [l.o.s.s.]" (review)
LINUX OPEN SOURCE SOUND [l.o.s.s.] is a great idea: compile a bunch of 
music made with and promoting free, open source sound-battering 
software such as Pure Data, Supercollider and audacity. The finished 
tracks are available for free as ogg vorbis files [think vegan mp3 
review by Mark McLaren

"Music and Climate Change - Various Artists" (review)
In January 2006, a unique creative opportunity was announced to the 
North-East's universities – a call for Music and Art based on the theme 
of climate change. Realising the inspirational quality of the call and 
the fact that this wasn't just a regional concern, David JC de la Haye 
requested Newcastle University allowed him to open the call out to a 
wider audience so that others may voice their concerns through their 
chosen medium.
review by DJC de la Haye

"Sess - Superstreng - Mikroknytes" (review)
Sess-Superstreng is the first studio recorded release in a couple of 
years from the honourable Knytes of the realm of drone by Washington 
DC's Mikroknytes. Released on this occasion through Commie 64's new 
label Kavekaveti it bares all the hallmarks of the sound they have 
honed over the years which is both gentle one minute and terrifying the 
review by Roger Mills

"Text-Sound Compositions A Stockholm Festival" (review)
'Text-Sound Compositions - A Stockholm Festival' is a truly delicious 
CD box set re-releasing roughly six hours of sound poetry that 
originally came out on limited edition vinyl between 1968-77. This 
series was made in collaboration with the intermedia organisation 
Fylkingen and the Swedish National Radio as part of yearly festivals 
that were held in Stockholm.
review by Mark McLaren

"The Caution Curves CD" (review)
The Caution Curves are a cosy electro acoustic combo comprising Amanda 
Huron, drums and percussion, Tristana Fiscella, vocals and guitar, and 
Rebecca Mills on her laptop, hailing from Washington DC, who's music is 
refreshingly nice (as opposed to nasty).
review by Mark Francombe

"The Science of Imaginary Solutions" (review)
'Pataphysics is a compilation curated by Andrew Hugill, based on the 
work of Alfred Jarry. It is the best thing ever containing not one but 
two absinthe soaked orgies of funk, some gun toting poets, time 
travelling silence and a backwards speaking dwarfs looking for the 
number of a good lawyer. What more could a pair of ears wish for?
review by Mark McLaren

"Truth Becomes Death - Nadja" (review)
In the time it has taken me to write this review, Aidan Baker may well 
have completed several new albums, such are the feats of his 
productivity. He describes himself as someone who: 'explores the 
deconstructive sonic possibilities of the electric guitar as a primary 
sound source, creating music that ranges from experimental to post-rock 
to contemporary classical'
review by Mark McLaren

"Untitled Songs: 49 years from Gesang der Jünglinge" (review)
Portugal's Sirr records present a 2 CD compilation of 21 artists 
working in some way from Stockhausen's piece Gesang der Jünglinge. 
Sirr's reasons for its 'non-homage' is that the piece has become almost 
public domain by being "taught in music lessons, and held high as a 
landmark of a specific style or method or epoch".
review by Mark McLaren

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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