[Microsound-announce] FWD: V/A Recycled Compilation

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Thu Mar 2 16:25:39 EST 2006


Moscow non-profit experimental music label Electrosound.ru
(www.electrosound.ru) and CD-R project (www.cd-r.cjb.net ) starts new  
compiliation dedicated to mass-media,pop culture and main-stream.


The main idea of this record is to answer the question - "What is

That's why we trying to gather a lot of avant-garde musicians from all
over the world - a lot of "answers" will show the real condition of that
problem in the world.

What do you think of TV,Radio,Internet,Livejournal,Newspapers,Mobile
phones,MTV,McDonald's and many other parts of this new world - world of
advertisment and spam?

That's why we chose mp3 as a release format - it is free for download 
very easy for many people) and it's closer to main idea of compiliation.

We offer you to take part in that "discussion".Your answer is - music.

We don't make any style borders - it is completely up to you.Moreover  
other data(such as pictures,texts,video,speech recordings e.t.c.) can be
sent with track.

Please read below,if you've decided to send us your track:

1)Format: mp3 44100 kHz Stereo 192 kbps should upload to the folowing
FTP(no passwords required):

2)Aproximate length of a track - 3-8 minutes (it doesn't mean if you'll
send us a great 30-minute track - we'll release it anyway)

3)Please note:
mp3 should be entitled like that - "Track name - Artist.mp3"
If you want to add some data,please it make in a separtate folder with
your project name

4)Deadline - 31st March

5)Please inform us,if you decide to take part in compiliation - just  
short e-mail to newmansoft at mail.ru

Thank you for your attention and intersest!

Best Regards,
Nikita Golyshev(CD-R/Moscow)

newmansoft at mail.ru

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