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*Daniel Maze*
How's the Serenity EP

/«One who looked into the netaudio scene over the last few months 
couldn't have noticed the proliferation of amazing works signed by 
Daniel Maze, published through many different netlabels around the world 
and always characterized by different sonorities one from each other.
This Canadian producer from Montréal is known for approaching many 
various styles and with this EP he adds another variation to his musical 
Through these five tracks you'll find a common element which always 
returns (in the cover artwork too) and that's the possibility to stop, 
rewind and forward every sound and explore its gradient with analog 
tape, creating atmospheres full of memories making you feel like 
watching old photos in black and white or a forgotten film of your parents.
Every song has the typical melancholy of past memories and, like we do 
in our mind, Daniel stops and rewinds a detail or a particular element 
to focus on it, freezing sweet melodies and textures, and then, 
suddenly, blocks everything out, remembering you that nice memories 
sooner or later end, and a song like "Don't cry Jennifer" is there to 
give you these kind of feelings.
The ethereal melodies of "Chamber Music One" and "How's the Serenity" 
are even more evocative and the final "Safe for now" sounds like a 
recording session for magnetic tape, drones and stretched guitar... 
amazing how this strange ensemble works well together.

In this EP, Daniel sketches very emotive experimental music with a 
noticeable attention to melody and consistent to what he did before, but 
adding a delicacy and an inspiration that's not easy to find elsewhere.» 
- Filippo Aldovini

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