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Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jul 6 09:06:32 EDT 2006

Hello and thanx in advance for your attention,

We are very pleased to introduce you to a new signing: Leo Abrahams.  
Though a newcomer on our label, he already released a solo CD on Just  
Music and is one of the most sought-after British guitarist, also  
playing with Brian Eno (appearing on several albums), Ed Harcourt  
with whom he has toured and recorded for 6 years, and film composer  
David Holmes (Oceans 12 and the award-winning Code 46). Leo Abrahams  
has also collaborated with artists as diverse as Rachid Taha, Paul  
Simon, Grace Jones, Nick Cave, Roxy Music and Imogen Heap among many  

Secondly, still introducing new acts and established ones, the long  
awaited new volume of our series documenting contemporary electronic  
musics is now ready.
BiP_HOp Generation v. 8 offers 79 minutes which illustrate perfectly  
the contemporary alliance of acoustic instruments and digital  
technologies in music

BiP_HOp Generation v. 8 [bleep 32]
MURCOF works primarily with orchestral samples, processing the sound  
sources into new textures and fusing them with microscopic sounds and  
rhythms. His music is published on Leaf records.
TENNIS is the occasional project of Ben Edwards (Benge) and Douglas  
Benford (si-cut.db). Their music is an amalgam of miniature rhythmic  
sounds and digitized processing.
MITCHELL AKIYAMA is a Montreal based composer, interested in  
unconventional ways  of playing conventional instruments. He has  
recorded for Sub Rosa, Raster- Noton, Substractif, Staalplaat, and  
several others...
MINAMO is an electro-acoustic quartet from Tokyo, they have released  
music for 12K, Apestaartje, Cubic...
TU M' is a duo from central Italy, who chose their name from Marcel  
Duchamp's last painting. They have released records on labels such as  
Dekorder, Phthalo, ERS/Staalplaat, Fallt...
STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS work on musical motifs that can evoke at  
times a stormy, cinematic, or contemporary atmosphere.

LEO ABRAHAMS : scene memory [bleep 33]
A series of contemporary textural studies for the electric guitar.  
Moody and atmospheric; broodingly melancholic yet melodic; radical  
but accessible. The tracks were constructed by playing the guitar  
through chains of laptop effects in real time, rather than  
manipulating the sounds after the performance. Partially improvised,  
it contains no edits. Therefore, an air of tension is maintained even  
throughout the most static and bucolic pieces.

Feel free to order direct from us and receive freebies… simply by  
replying to this message or visiting : www.bip-hop.com

Working on:

Erik Friedlander  and Teho Teardo : giorni rubati [bleep 34]

Spaceheads & Max Eastley : a very long way from anywhere else

Felix Kubin : music for films for music. DVD

Janek Schaefer : short stories a collection of 10 sound art films. DVD

Prepairing to leave for Greece, where, Dave Howell from FatCat and I  
will animate a talk on "how to start/run your independant label".  
That will be tomorrow evening, part of the great Synch festival. If  
some of you attend please come say hello...

Talking about Greece, DEVIATIONISTS are pleased to announce presence  
on the compilation given away with issue #15 of Overdub magazine :  
one of the most enduring greek independemt publications. Also on the  
comp Ilios, Jackie O' Motherfucker, Eventless Plot, Mescalina Eden,  
avarus, Anaksimandros, Jack Rose, Tom Carter (Charalambides), Re:,  
and Dictaphone.
The most curious and multilingual among you can read a blog written  
in greek…

STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS will be performing at MIMI Festival on July  
27. Also on the bill Konono n°1, Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit,  
Apparat Organ Quartet, M' Bady Kouyaté...

For that gig we'll be :

Hervé Vincenti (guitar)
Lydwine Vanderhulst (piano/rhodes)
Perceval Bellone (saxophone/tibetan bowls)
Raphaelle Rinaudo (harp)
Andy Diagram (trumpet / electronics)
Nicolas Dick (guitars)
Philippe Petit (laptop/turntables)

Hope to see you there...
Have a nice Summer

+ some records we have been enjoying in 2006...

  ARTIST      ALBUM     label

Hanne Hukkelberg : break my body (Leaf)
Guapo : black oni (Ipecac)
Felix Kubin : atoma exi mono (Solnze)
Modern Institute : excellent swimmer (Expanding)
Scanner : messe : klang der macht (KünstRäume)
The Timeout Drawer : nowonmai ((Consumer Research & Development Label)
Tape : rideau (Hapna)
Many Fingers : our worn shadow (Acuarela)
Triosk : the headlight serenade (Leaf)
Daedelus : denies the day's demise (Ninja tune)
Psapp : the only thing i ever wanted (Domino)
Tied & Tickled Trio : a. r. c. (Morr Music)
Bästard : yet, reloaded... (Ici d'Ailleurs)
12 Twelve : l'univers (Acuarela)
The Year Of : slow days (Morr Music)
Alog : islands of memory (Creaked)
Takagi Masakatsu : journal for people (Carpark)
Akira Ifukube : king kong vs. godzilla (Lalaland)
Flanger : spirituals (Nonplace)
1 Kilo Of Black Bondage : fear the windows (Wallace)
Taylor Deupree + Eisi : every still day (Noble/Creative)
Sci-Fi Industries : the air cutter (Thisco)
DJ/Rupture : low income tomorrowland (Tax)
Aethenor : deep ocean sunk the lamp of light (VHF)
Tunng : comments of the inner chorus (Talitres)
Spade & Archer : highway to jail (0101)
The DFA Remixes chapter 1 (DFA)
APSCI : thanks for asking (Quannum)
Nôze : how to dance (Circus Company)
Guido Môbius : dishoek (Dekorder)
Biosphere : dropsonde (Touch)
Chihei Hatakeyama : minima moralia (Kranky)
Minamo : shrine/nest (Mr. Mutt)
Spunk : en aldeles forferdelig sykdom (Rune Grammofon)
Clogs : lantern (Talitres)


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