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Sat Jan 28 19:36:59 EST 2006

Hi Everybody

available now:

*Acustr**onic Ensemble : "free for(m) rimbaud *

punck: laptop,objects,field recordings
vito m. laforgia: el upright bass,electronics
giuseppe mariani: trumpet,laptop
fhievel: feedback mixer,field recordings
luca sigurta': objects,tapes
impro session Recorded live in Rivara (To) 21-05-05 @ Blog On Rimbaud

orders here :
http://www.punck.net  (paypal)

price : 6 euros (poastage included)


[ The WIRE # 264 feb 06 ]: 19th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud has 
famously inspired some of rock's finest lyricists, including Bob 
Dylan,Jim Morrison and Patty Smith. He chose to descend into silence 
early in his life, yet the appeal and influence of his work has 
persisted. Ten years after Hector Zazou recorded Sahara Blue , urban 
settings of traslations of Rimbaud's poems,perfomed with the help of 
John Cale. Now Acustronic Ensemble pays tribute to Rimbaud with just a 
few well chosen recitations from his writing and a fabric of music that 
manages to convey something of the allucinatory vividness of his poetry. 
Proximity is part of the vividness; although there is depth of field to 
the recording, many sounds are heard in close-up. And although the 
sounds are various, they often seem to be enfolding around one another 
in a physical way.Distinctive instrumentation conveys something of the 
character of the music: Vito M. Laforgia plays electric upright 
bass,electronics,megaphone and saw,with Giuseppe Mariani on trumpet and 
laptop,Punck using laptop, objects and field recordings, Luca Sigurta' 
objects and tapes and Fhievel feedback mixer and flield recordings. 
Mariani's trumpetsupplies some jazz inflectionsand associations but Free 
For(m) Rimbaud is not anchored in any particular idiom. In a singlehalf 
hour movement it glides across the contours of Ambient, avant rock, 
freely improvised and electroacoustic music, defining it's own 
territory. Scratchy, twitchy rythms of unidentified origin are 
multilayered and fringed with electronic gleam, a synthetised scirocco, 
instrumental gloos, odd banshee wailing.Don't be deterred if french 
symbolist poetry is not your particular cup of absinthe; this is still a 
musically intriguing and consistentley diverting release. (Julian Cowley)

[ Vital Weekley #510 ]: The Acustronic Ensemble is a spontaneous 
collaboration of a group of (electronic) musicians who met at the "blog 
on rimbaud" festival in Rivara, Italy. The disc presents an out-take of 
the live recording of their performance there. The single 30 minute 
track is a tour into a world that is defined by it's own rules: musical 
elements are as easily used as abstract noises, creating a link between 
worlds normally far apart. And it's exactly this quality that defines 
the recording and gives it it's power. Okay, I admit, sometimes there 
are just a little too much effects being used, but more often than not, 
these five (!) guys know how to get everything rolling the right way. 
And let's face it, for a spontaneous improvisation that is a very, very 
good result. I will recommend this disc very strongly to all readers 
again! (MR)

thank you for your time



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