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Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Jan 16 00:30:53 EST 2006

Subject: Chop Shop...
Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 9:31 AM
From: Fabio Roberti <sharpe [at] panix [dot] com>

“I'm sending this note out to mention that a good friend and artist 
Scott Konzelmann (a.k.a. Chop Shop) has suffered a tragic and totally 
unnecessary disaster due to the malicious negligence of his landlord. 
Scott has a studio on the upper east side where he built and maintained 
his speaker sculptures and also worked on recordings and the like. He's 
been there for about a dozen years or so. The landlord entered his 
space without his
permission and under the excuse of performing some emergency work, 
proceeded to make a total mess of his work space. But it was quite bad 
as the workers (or whomever was down there) sprayed water around the 
space for whatever reason, assuming that his sculptures which were in 
storage at that time, were just junk! They essentially destroyed nearly 
two decades of work. Many of the pieces are completely rusted and 
unsalvageable. Speakers and electronics are totally damaged. This is 
really inexcusable and Scott has requested that anyone who may have any 
personal experience with his work to write a brief letter in support so 
that he can present this at his court hearing. Some of you may know the 
Chop Shop recordings from their unusual packaging (heavy metal plate 
with 10", several 3" CD, etc...). But these recordings were often meant 
to accompany the speaker constructions - now destroyed.

Here's what Scott writes: “One thing that would be of significant help 
to me now is for everyone to spread the word through their contacts 
(labels / distributors / curators / radio, etc.) and I request that 
anyone who ever respected the work of CHOP SHOP to please write a brief 
testimonial of sorts in support towards my work. I will need all the 
ammunition possible to represent this loss...I've already started legal 
action, as the damage was purely malicious --- and intentional.”

You can forward any letters to me and I will send them along to Scott, 
you can also send them directly to him at”: abbot [at] pobox [dot] com

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