[Microsound-announce] vague terrain - sat. jan 28 w/ heiki, minisystem & arc lab

Neil Wiernik neil at phoniq.net
Wed Jan 11 19:10:29 EST 2006

saturday january 28th - vague terrain presents...

heiki - nice+smooth / kinder atom / lazer caps
minisystem - noise factory / bit_rock alumnae
arc lab - music made by people / duotone
dj / ether.mann - serial consign / vague terrain
video / michael sargent

art bar / the gladstone hotel
$5 / 9pm 2am
1214 queen st. west

Extensive artist and event information is available at

artist information

heiki - http://www.nicesmooth.com/ / kinder atom / lazer caps

Heiki is a Toronto based electronic musician specializing in a down
tempo, dub-infused, techno lounge sound. Varying from
experimental-ambient, jazzy house, down tempo, and electronic dub, Heiki
Sillaste has released an impressive catalogue of well over 45
synthesizer-based records and made over 150 compilation appearances,
since 1987. Heiki began his musical career fronting the internationally
acclaimed industrial-tekno group Digital Poodle in the late 80's and
early 90's. In 1995, he went on to co-found nice+smooth ultramedia, an
independent electronic music label that has produced artist greats such
as Roy Davis Jr., Jordan Fields, Teknostep, as well as Heiki's own  groups
Kinder Atom and Lazer Caps.

Upcoming music projects for 2006 include Heiki's debut full-length album
under his own name, Heiki, and a new full-length Kinder Atom album on  the
nice+smooth label. Also planned for the new year is a second
collaborative album with UK's ambient pioneer, Rapoon, on Vienna's
Klanggallerie label. In addition, Heiki currently produces music and
sound design for television advertising campaigns and series, including
TSN, Nissan and CSI: Miami.

Heiki Sillaste is also an award-winning graphic designer, whose work
includes brand identity, book and publication design and design for the
web. As resident graphic designer for nice+smooth, Heiki is able to
combine his two passions, in beautiful, intelligent packaging for CDs  and
record covers. Heiki lives in Toronto's west-end with his wife  Véronique
and his beautiful, little, 15 month-old daughter, Saskia.

minisystem - http://www.noisefactoryrecords.com /
http://www.bitrockalumnae.com / http://www.subverted.org

Minisystem was living in the UK when he first got seriously into
electronic sounds, collecting records compulsively before assembling his
own studio. After several false starts he became increasingly
dissatisfied with digital synthesis and sampling, but found solace in  the
warmth and imprecision of outmoded analogue technology. An obsessive
collector of vintage equipment, minisystem’s tiny studio is rammed full
of modular synthesizers, old keyboards and drum machines. Entrenched in
this fuzzy analogue world, minisystem crafts his own elusive brand of
electronic music with rudimentary fragments of pop, house, techno and
electro. Since he moved back to Toronto in 2003 minisystem has played
shows around the city, mostly with the bit_rock alumnae - a collective  he
co-founded with like-minded individuals aiming to promote local
electronic music producers.

arc lab - http://www.musicmadebypeople.com / http://www.duotonerecords.com

An amalgam of disparate stylistic influences, Arc Lab was initially
conceived as a means by which to indulge Medard Fischer's musings on the
interplay between structurally-defined space and musical expression.
Quickly outgrowing its original mandate, the project has become much  more
eclectic over the last three years and has led to releases on both
Toronto's Music Made By People label and Tokyo's Duotone Records. With a
constant emphasis on both melody and sound manipulation, Arc Lab is  equal
parts complexity and simple emotionality. Meandering melodies are
juxtaposed with fractured percussion and grainy, hissing synthesizers  are
layered over pure sine tones.

ether.mann - vague terrain / http://www.serialconsign.com

Greg Smith has been involved in promotion, playing, or contextualization
of experimental electronic music for a decade. As one of the co-founders
of Toronto's clonk crew, he cut his DJ teeth alongside diverse selectors
such as Sutekh, Jeff Milligan, DJ Fishead, Task, and Martin Tetrault.
Over the years, Greg has oscillated back and forth between DJing/music
writing and his design education, in hopes that the two pursuits inform
one another. Of late, Greg has been exploring the digital world of
traktor and attempting to make sense of his vast music collection  through
this new tool.

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