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framework broadcasts live every friday (except the first one of each month) on resonance104.4fm in london (uk) or worldwide on http://www.resonancefm.com from 8-9pm gmt, and is repeated the following wednesday from 10-11am gmt 


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framework - phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley

my apologies for the lateness of this playlist - the holiday season has been busy with voyages and visitors, but happily through now to 2006 we begin anew, back to our regularly scheduled programming, as they say.  i hope you enjoyed our special guest curator on 16.12 - it was a pleasure to have the chance to hear michael northam's personal retrospective on his 2005.  and this, our next show on 23.12, was to be our last program of the year, as the 30.12 was set aside to give our studio engineers a much deserved break.

we ended 2005 on a more pensive note, with a very belated nod to the great john watermann, the australian visual and sonic artist who passed away in 2002.  our retrospective was inspired by the appearance of the cd epitaph for john, on the dutch korm plastics label - a posthumous collaborative dedication curated by frans de waard and featuring a collection of sound artists and friends who had been influenced by or worked with john over the years.  the basis for the work was an unfinished collaboration between frans and john, featuring a collection of john's raw field recordings from toowong cemetary.  for their contributions to the project, these sounds were given to asmus tietchens, rlw, and merzbow, and their material was in turn used as the basis for frans' own contribution from his freiband project.  for our show i accompanied this material with the sounds that defined john's work for me personally over the years - by no means a comprehensive collection, but the highlights for me from the few cds i managed to find in a time before the proliferation of the internet, either from his own smal nightshift records label, or from other small pioneering record labels such as nd, stille andacht and raum 312.  these labels either no longer exist or have no discenable internet presence, hence my lack of contact information for them, but you can find more infomation on the korm plastics label here: http://www.kormplastics.nl, or more information on john watermann here: http://aliasfrequencies.org/watermann.

lastly, i will reprint here the obituary, written by frans de waard, which originally appeared in the online review digest vital weekly on 03.04.02:

  John Watermann 19.2.1935 - 2.4.2002

  It's with great sadness that we have to announce the death of John Watermann.  He died @ 5:50pm Brisbane time, 2.4.2002, Ward 4B Royal Brisbane Hospital.  He died from infection associated with myeloma.

  John Watermann was one of the truly underground sound and visual artists.  In the late eighties his name surfaced out of nowhere, when a double CD was released by the Walter Ulbricht label in Germany.

  Starting out in Berlin, Germany, where he was born, as a filmmaker and photographer, he found out that he needed soundtracks for his films.  He started composing music in the mid-sixties, then moved to Australia in the early seventies.  Although he was collecting sound equipment, his first releases did not surface until the late eighties.  In the nineties, his music was released on cds by ND, Dark Vinyl, Walter Ulbricht and Raum 312.  He also recorded a collaborative work with Merzbow.  One of his last big projects was a CD-Rom titled "A Rose Is A Rose," which he released himself and which features both his visual work and his music.  Much of Watermann's work incorporated field recordings, which were heavily treated by electronics, resulting in highly rhythmic music.  His work also made extensive use of cut-ups.  Although in the later part of the nineties he was less actively involved in producing music (mainly due to his illness), his output will not be forgotten.

  In mid-2000 he wrote me that he was terminally ill, but that he would love to do a sound-project with me in the remaining time.  We exchanged environmental recordings and exchanged emails over the practical nature of composing our works.  Only a few weeks ago, he wrote me that he was still working on it, despite all the treatments he was getting.  In exchanging these emails he came forward as a very practical person, with clear ideas as to what he wanted.  I will continue to work my part of this work in order to keep his memory alive.



(artist  /  title  /  album  /  label)

john watermann  /  toowong cemetary  /  epitaph for john  /  korm plastics

john watermann  /  listening to my records  /  dummyhead  /  nightshift

john watermann  /  first shudder project  /  calcutta gas chamber  /  nd

rlw  /  seeking perfection - somewhere else  /  epitaph for john  /  korm plastics

john watermann  /  matter - antimatter  /  testing the jammer  /  raum 312

asmus tietchens  /  jwat 1  /  epitaph for john  /  korm plastics 

john watermann  /  stone# 48/7/158/2  /  babel #1  /  stille andacht

asmus tietchens  /  jwat 4  /  epitaph for john  /  korm plastics

john watermann  /  taste of speed  /  dummyhead  /  nightshift

john watermann  /  second shudder project  /  calcutta gas chamber  /  nd

merzbow  /  untitled for john  /  epitaph for john  /  korm plastics

john watermann  /  traveller's joy tumor  /  ambiguity  /  nightshift

freiband  /  threnody  /  epitaph for john  /  korm plastics

john watermann  /  third shudder project  /  calcutta gas chamber  /  nd

john watermann  /  deus ex machina  /  dummyhead  /  nightshift

john watermann  /  stone# 20/11/162/1  /  babel #1  /  stille andacht

john watermann  /  testing the jammer  /  testing the jammer  /  raum 312


framework intro submissions:

1)    take yourself and an audio recording device to a location of your choice
2)    record for AT LEAST 1 minute before you -
3)    read the following text:

welcome to framework.

framework is a show consecrated to field recording, and it's use in composition.
field recording, phonography, the art of sound-hunting; open your ears and listen!

4)    continue your recording for AT LEAST 2 minutes after you've finish speaking
5)    send the recording on any format to the address above, or as an mp3 via email

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