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Dear Readers,
We hope that this message finds you well
Sorry to start this letter with a sad report, our pal Yann Quélennec
aged 36 years, died in an accident on December 1st.
He was a music enthusiast, a journalist correspondent for several
electronic music magazines such as Trax, Only For DJ’s, Spray and many
more. Having a show on Radio Grenouille. As a chairman and founding
member of the association A1’unisson he contributed to the appearance of
numerous electronic events in Marseilles and elsewhere
 Yann will be

On a more positive note, our new releases have arrived and we are over
the moon to welcome aboard 2 great musicians from UK:
Same Actor, coming from Brighton.
Janek Schaefer out of London.

Here abbreviated infos :

SAME ACTOR : sharp edges [bleep 30]
Same Actor is a name used by Chris Cook for music made predominantly
with guitar, sitar and dulcimer, processed into subtle music. "Sharp
Edges" uses stringed instruments, microphones and computers to create
melodies that grows on the listener, the music that is alive and
perfectly demonstrating that digital and analogic go well together.

JANEK SCHAEFFER : migration [bleep 31]
'Migration' is the new studio album by one of the most individual
composers working in the field of sound art, who has released albums
with Fat Cat, Asphodel, Staalplaat, Sirr, Mutek, Rhiz, DSP, [K-raa-K]3,
Snail Article, Audiosphere, Alluvial, and audiOh! Recordings.
The first half of the journey unwinds slowly and calmly, drifting
through night trees and ethereal spaces until radio waves bounce off the
stratosphere at first light in the heart of the Amazon. During the
second half, sparkling sequences glitter in the sunshine and sounds
circle overhead. Dense organ drones from Lourdes cathedral land as
embers fly into the sky revealing hovering melodies. The tension unfolds
into a progressively intense climax as we depart into the blinding white
light of day.
"A delightful and cathartic experience for the discerning listener. One
of Janek's most engaging
and accessible albums." [Terramotto, New York.]

Feel free to order direct from us and receive freebies
 simply by
replying to this message or visiting :

Been out Djing a lot lately, and best memories are from Belgrade and
Lisboa, 2 cities where I had never played before.

In Belgrade the excellent Dis-patch festival (http://www.dis-patch.com)
where I had the pleasure of co-animating (with Tony Morley who runs the
great Leaf label) a seminary on how to run an independant label. And
sharing the stage with Tony and the powerful Caribou.
Also on the bill were friends Murcof, Si-cut.db and Electronicat

In Lisboa Numero festival (http://www.numerofestival.com ) dealing with
multimedia, films and music was also well organised by very nice people
and I had the great pleasure to see Schneider TM vs. Rechenzentrum live,
and share the stage with DJ Rupture, and discover a very interesting
local act named Mecanosphere.

Some news on the US side, our records are now distributed by the fine
folks from Aesthetics and Carrot Top.

ANDREW DUKE sent us a very interesting demo of his Ensemble :
improvisatory electro-acoustic performance with Tim Crofts (keys), Dani
Oore (sax), Lukas Pearse (bass), and Lee Park (violin). These fantastic
five are planning shows for 2006 on an international level.
Andrew Duke has released some more music recently : Inbox EP which
consists of remixes of 3 tracks from our Sprung album (bleep 12)
available for free download on Spain's Sinergy Networks, division of
Klitekture: One of the remixes is by our friend Bern and sounds top.
Andrew's "Consumer Vs. User" album has been mastered for upcoming
release on California's Phthalo:
"Wet" album will be released in 2006 on Montreal's Le Son 666:
2 compositions by Andrew Duke could be heard in "Sex Traffic"
mini-series (BBC Channel 4, CBC TV) which has now received 14 awards;
more info on the show and awards here:
--2 of the 4 Public Service Announcements scored by Andrew Duke for the
2005 Racism:  Stop It! Campaign (aired nationally in Canada on TV and
radio) have received awards:

Looks like everyone is having his ensemble these days, and that makes us
happy since BiP_HOp has always favoured collaborative works
GARRELFS has joined the Symbiosis Orchestra from Italy, created by
Pirandelo. Worth checking there :
The January edition of The Wire Magazine, out 22nd December, feature an
Epiphany, written by Douglas Benford and Iris, which looks back at the
beginnings of Sprawl 10 years ago. To coincide with that, Scanner and
Iris Garrelfs have decided to offer an extract of their live
collaboration from last year's Interplay festival as a free download.
This should be up on

While working on a "Blindscape" DVD for us SCANNER enjoys two new albums
to his already impressive discog :
Flower Echoes - CD from Guangzhou China (edition  of 35,000 free copies)

Tinnito - CD collaboration with Rolf & Fonky on Persistent Bit Records
Italy (Jan/Feb 2006)
25 January Celebrating 10th anniversary of The Electronic Lounge at the
ICA with the Sprawl posse! A very special night and many more gigs
planned for 2006, check there :

ANGEL (Ilpo Vaisanen & Schneider TM) will finish a new album next year
and they plan on playing some drone-concerts together with Hildur
Gudnadottir on cello.

TENNIS' future material is in discussion and to keep you waiting the duo
will be on the upcoming BiP_HOp Generation v.8..

We are working on the upcoming 8th volume of BiP_HOp Generation, the
second and long-awaited album by SPACEHEADS & MAX EASTLEY ; second album
by LEO ABRAHAMS ; and our first DVD by FELIX KUBIN.

SI-CUT.DB has been enjoying a fantastic year in terms of travelling &
performances (eg Mutek/Montreal, The Hive/Liverpool, Dis-patch/Belgrade,
e-life/Madrid, Interplay/London, Rhiz/Vienna, Tate Modern
Our album : 'from tears' is listed as one of the best albums of 2005 at
http://www.teuxtura.org. Meanwhile Douglas has written a special piece
for Classic Fm's in the UK Chiller Cabinet show for the winter season,
which will appear on his website shortly; Collaborations with Granny'Ark
and Stephan Mathieu are coming together...
Si-cut.db is working on a DVD project with Pixelwrangler to appear on

Have a nice x-mas and 2006 best wishes

PS : some favourites in 2005

 ARTIST      ALBUM     label

Explosions In The Sky : the earth is not a cold dead place (Temporary
Residence Ltd.)
The Two Pale Boys & Frank Black Francis : reinterpret the music of the
Pixies (Cooking Vinyl/Spin Art)
Tortoise : it's all around you (Thrill Jockey)
Efterklang : tripper (Leaf)
Macé : circulations (Sub Rosa)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief : absencen (Staubgold)
Murcof : remembranza (Leaf)
Port Royal : flares (Resonant)
Sunn 0))) : black one (Southern Lord)
Alarm Will Sound : performs Aphex Twin. Acoustica (Cantaloupe Music)
Tape : milieu (Hapna)
Bell Orchestre : recording a tape the colour of the light (Rough Trade)
Erik Friedlander : maldoror (Brassland)
The Drift : noumena (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Saul Williams : s/t (Wichita)
Bark Psychosis : code name - dust suckers (Fire)
Mike Ladd : father divine (Roir)
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer : songs for europe (Asphodel)
The Books : lost and safe (Tomlab)
Minamo : shining (12K)
Zu : the way of the animal powers (Xeng)
Jason forrest : shemelessly exciting (Sonig)
VA. pulseprogramming: tulsa for one second remix project (Aesthetics)
Super Reverb :: Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit (Ear Sugar)
Deviationists :: Sweetest Charms (Wiretapper # 13)

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