[Microsound-announce] ENT's new CD out now on Baskaru !

yoko.karu at baskaru.com yoko.karu at baskaru.com
Sun Jan 1 14:23:32 EST 2006

Hello, I am Yoko.Karu from Baskaru.

This is a new year and our petite label is pleased to announce a new CD release:

ENT - "Fuck Work"

cd (digipak)

"Fuck Work" is an advanced yet surprisingly vivid distillation of several avant-garde music aesthetics, including electronica, post-rock, turntablism, noise and electroacoustic improv.

"Fuck Work" is ENT's debut full-length.

More info and audio samples available at http://www.baskaru.com !

Thanks for reading, and a happy new year to you all.


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Web site: http://www.baskaru.com


karu:1, Pyo, Knad Tape vol.1
karu:2, Pirandelo, Pirandelo Suona
karu:3, Various Artists, 35 Mutant Seconds: based on Rafael Toral's Creamy Burst
karu:4, Urkuma, Rebuilding Pantaleone's Tree
karu:5, ENT, Fuck Work

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