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marc zendrini marc at adozen.org
Fri Feb 17 11:24:07 EST 2006


we are really pleased to present our latest release:

adz005 - hopen - spoken with fire in a green night

10 tracks of advanced audio narratives by HOPEN, including a rework by
pierre belouin from optical sound.

HOPEN is an electro-acoustic project by childe grangier from geneva,
turned towards experimentation using sampling, noises, voices,
loops... through different foggy and sensitive variations. beware, the
variety of the sound sources, their subtle, paradoxical and sometimes
confusing combinations result in a dramatic and staggering process,
movie, collage, drama or experience happenig in your head before you
even notice it.

2006: some nice new releases of improvised music (larkian, d'incise,
gavin prior) are already planned for this spring.


check out hopen's website for infos and reviews:
optical sound: http://www.optical-sound.com/
- - - - - - - - - - - -
record download at: http://adozen.org
whole release (256kbps/.zip): http://adozen.org/releases/adz005/adz005_256.zip
whole release (128kbps/.zip): http://adozen.org/releases/adz005/adz005_128.zip
complete hopen bio (.pdf): http://adozen.org/releases/adz005/adz005_hopen.pdf
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