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jeff gburek tsazmaniac at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 09:13:28 EST 2006

hello everyone, a bit of late news here but much
currently ongoing/upcoming. would kindly like
assistance filling out tour in italy in late december
early january. see below. sound and unsound to all
levels, Jeff

upcoming Jeff Gburek events

November 24, 10pm, Bruxelles 
solo @  Plankton, 
Bains::Connective, rue Berthelot, 34, 1190 Forest -

November 25-26, Liege: recording/meetings w/Olivier Pe

anticipating release of variable geometry’s first cd
on blank records!

November 28, 10pm, Berlin 
solo @ antje oeklesund, Rigaer Straße 72, back house 

December 1, 8:15pm, Berlin @ Karmanoia Theater,
Mainzerstrasse 5, Neukolln

Djalma Primordial Science performs “(myopia)2”
Orphan Sound System Berlin (starting 10:30 ish)
Jeff Gburek: live electronica/dub mix
Yorgos Dimitriadis: drum kit, electronics
Caspar Nilson Wolf: metal head-kick drums


Dec.2-4: Recontres Internationales Festival, Paris
Audio presentations at Centre Georges Pompidou
1)	Invisible Trio: Jeff Gburek/Lucio Capece/Rhodri
2)	Van Bebber/Gburek: Jeff Gburek/Claus Van Bebber 

December 13 or 16? 
9pm, Berlin @ Karmanoia Theater, Mainzerstrasse 5,
Check www.karmanoia.de for details

Jeff Gburek: laptop coolant fan, external noises
Robin Hayward: tuba
Mattin: external laptop noises & mattinosyncracies

December 17, 9pm, Berlin 
@ Wedding Salon, Gerichtestrasse

Djalma Primordial Science: 
Ephia: dance, unsound body
Jeff Gburek: gtr + electronic/phonographic

Solo Italian Tour 2006

December 18, solo Venezia (care of luca, 8mm records)
December 19 workshop lecture Venezia
December 20 solo + duet w Xabier Iriondo Milano
@ SCALO DIECI http://www.scalodieci.org/  
December 21 solo Firenze 
@TANGRAM - via dei Serragli, 3r (downtown Firenze!)
December 22, solo Rome + Mike Cooper/Luca Venitucci 
@ Il Cantiere, Via Gustavo Modena 92, Trastevere
Xmas break
Dec. 27, solo Parm @Veronika Club


out now of foxydigitals imprint: 
SAIKO: “tales of several southwestern felons of the
eve of their just demise”
I have just been given the microphones to record the
next SAIKO release but the onset of winter has
somewhat paralyzed my fingers
prompting delays and
contemplating the claw-hammer banjoist’s lament
of the blues from the spirit of arthritis or birth of
arthritis form the spirit of the blues?


My music is always a search for a personal space that
can coincide publically in a primordial intimacy that
cannot find expression other than through particular
conjunctions and energies. It is not possible to
contain or decribe this. I compare it to drawing in
the sense of transcriptions of impulse into marks. But
sonic marks are more volatile and bring a more
excruciating sense of absence/presence than the
reassurances offered by a physical artefact. From
center to absence describes this situation: the center
is ostensibly a physical fact of production but it is
only in retracing the steps of a production that the
thoughts or sensations are perceivable. I reach beyond
the reductionist context and beyond Cage, just two
examples, then, for an attentiveness capable of
tapping into this unexplainable resource of sensation
which I can also find these in other art forms and
other kinds of music. I am impressed by the idea that
all music is under-scored by a social/communal
archetype. I am not the logical outcome of any
history. In fact, as I go on, I see only the ruins of
paradoxical foundations that occupy the grounds of an
ambivalent excitement. I will not lose my
individuality in identity. For the artist that wants
to remain free it is forwardly an act of survival to
outwit the head-hunters. 

Orphan Sound System:
the rebirth of orphan sound system at karmanoia on
november 16 seems to have met with decibels of respect
and an invitation to return by the organizer
so we will...but this time flo blank will be in spain
but i have two other options in multi-percussionist
andreas wenzlova or free improv drummer yorgos
dimitriadis--we will see who replies affirmatively
first... caspar nilson wolf will dole out the double
kicks again...jeff gburek:
Orphan Sound System, formed first in 1994 in Florence,
Italy (somewhat between the lines of E.N.'s "this song
was made to end all parties..." and Stockhausen's
"Kurzwellen" ), migrated to Montreal and then
Williamsburg, Brooklyn where the Axis of Evil killed
it in 1998. Starting with the idea to make
"free-hip-hop" or "organic techno", the trio always
was my testing ground for a slash and burn beat
macerations/miscegenations, my first live attempts via
"dub ideology" to realize the etherically concieved
beasts of my Radio Wide World (see
www.djalma.com/orphansounds) projects but now it is
more tightly organized around my growing abilities to
string softwares and patches together that manage to
simultaneously support and destroy one another...at
least thats how it appears to my ears and, although it
was dark out there, i heard stomping other than the

j.ff gbk




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