[Microsound-announce] vague terrain - this saturday (toronto)

Neil Wiernik neil at phoniq.net
Tue Oct 25 19:18:44 EDT 2005

saturday october 29th / vague terrain presents...

kero - detroit / det.und / bpitch / shitkatapult
naw - noise factory / vague terrain
des cailloux et du carbone - montreal / natacha's records / mutek 2005
video / tasman richardson - famefame
video / liav koren

art bar / the gladstone hotel
toronto, canada
$5 / 9pm - 2am
1214 queen st. west

This is a reminder of the official launch event for vagueterrain.net - our
new  digital arts quarterly.  To celebrate the beginnings of our new
venture we have  invited a number of artists contributing work to the
first issue of vague  terrain to perform and show work at our monthly at
the artbar.  The first live  act will be playing at 11pm sharp and we will
also be screening a selection of  Tasman Richardson's video with
accompanying audio from 10:30-11.

We hope to see you out this Saturday, and will be making an announcement
once  the first issue of vagueterrain.net goes online.

Greg Smith & Neil Wiernik
http://www.vagueterrain.net – editors/curators

Artist Information

kero - detroit / det.und / bpitch / shitkatapult / http://www.djkero.com

With over 13 releases on some of electronic music's most celebrated and
innovative labels such as Bpitch, Ghostly International, Shitkatapult, and
 Downwards, as well as his own critically acclaimed Detroit Underground
Records,  Kero (nee Sohail Azad) has established a reputation for his
unrepentantly  brash, yet cultivated compositions and unforgettable live
performances. Kero  has established himself as a leader within the growing
pack of electronic music  producers successfully infiltrating contemporary
art circles world wide and has recently shared the stage with Speedy J,
Ken  Ishii and Funkstorung. His innovative approach to music, graphic
design and  video production feeds on the detritus of popular electronic
culture, creating  a montage of fleeting musical and visual experiences
that are paradoxically  critical and enamored with contemporary culture.
Drawing on his experiences as  a dual citizen of both Canada and the
States, Kero conducts visual and aural investigations that are concerned
with  ideas of the diametric and intermediary. Subsequently, the ephemeral
nature of  electronic culture, the "rave" experience and aesthetic offers
a microcosm to  explore similar elements in popular culture. The result is
music that blurs  genres from hip-hop to the most rarified of techno
experiments, video art which stirs faint recollections of print and
televised  media, and a design language that has ingrained itself upon the
most celebrated  electro-cultural market in the world.

naw - noise factory / vague terrain / http://www.naw.phoniq.net

Montreal native Neil Wiernik currently living in Toronto, began his
explorations in electronic music making as early as 1988. Known to push
the  boundaries of his musical form from designing new or manipulating
existing  sound making devices and software to creative uses of production
environments  and sound sources, naw's music is a blend of sound
manipulation/design,  experimental musics and dub-tech rhythms, which on
the surface sound quite  simple, but incorporate a number of touches that
steer this artist away from  being simply another minimal techno or
experimental laptop artist. He combines  post-house, dubby minimal techno,
microsound and thick ambience, to create his  own version of deep techno,
house and other electronic laptop orineted musics.  Neil has released
music on various national and international record labels,  including
releases on Noise Factory, Complot, Clevermusic, Piehead and  Pertin_nce.
As naw, Neil has performed extensively along side a variety of  national
and international artists both in and outside of Canada. In 2004 and  2005
naw will released his follow up noise factory record full length  called:
"green nights orange days", as well as a full length outting with
Pertin_nce Records called: "terrain vague". These two records find Neil at
his  deepest, dubbiest and most experimental sounding yet. The release of
these  records will coincide with a series of North American and European
tour dates  through out 2005.

des cailloux et du carbone - montreal / natacha's records / mutek 2005

This solo project from Marcello Marandola, a Montreal-based musician and
one- half of “data-folk” duo Cian Ethrie, subscribes to a niche of
experimentations  and playful escapades associated with Natacha’s
Recordings. So, when Marandola  claims that his music is of the “house”
variety, do not misinterpret him!  Actual household field recordings are
incorporated into his sound; it’s  an “bedroom” brand of music that he
concocts in the comforts of his own abode.  His compositions are
undeniably intimate, infused by sounds that we may hear  everyday. Powered
by melancholic tones and subtle jolts, with a layering of  accidental
fractures that fittingly disrupt the sonorous continuum, the  compositions
from des cailloux et du carbone are unfaltering in their quest to  invade
your memory with dissected and detailed repetitions, simultaneously
evoking  nostalgic images. On stage, the traditional house music
influences may  increasingly appear as the overall sound oscillates
between the scattered and  the rhythmic.

tasman richardson - famefame / http://www.famefame.com

Tasman Richardson is a videomaker , electronic composer, designer,
curator, and  organizer. His work has shown in Argentina, Austria,
Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt,  England, France, Finland, Holland, Iceland,
Peru, Poland, Spain, Switzerland,  and The United States. His time is
slowly whittled away by making art and  cultivating a refined knowledge of
all things geek. He does not live in his  parents basement but does enjoy
winning Jubal's money on Bosconian and the odd D&D game. He has performed
and  collaborated under the aliases M.O.I., JAWA, Pox, FAMEFAME,
theblameshifter,  IBM, OHVOV, Anvil, Polygon Noose, and Noise-Op. His
artworks are available  through Vtape, Artcore, Microcinema International,
Hymen, and famefame.

liav koren

Liav Koren studies architecture, urbanism, cities, people, digital
techniques,  gossip, the trajectories of dust motes in sun-light, art and
design at the  University of Toronto's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape
and Design. In a  different life he pretended to be a math student at
York, while sneaking into  urban studies and fine arts classes. He is
particularly interested in the ways in which tools and systems of
representation quietly infiltrate and shape the way we think and design.
He  spends too much time pecking instructions into computers and waiting
patiently  to see what will happen. Recently, animated grids have been the

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