[Microsound-announce] Wäldchengarten needs tour help.

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Wed May 25 19:59:10 EDT 2005

Hi all
If you might be able to help out fill in a date or two on our european tour please mail us off list.
We do realize this is on an extremely short notice, but we had some cancellations. We understand if you're unable to help, but we hope you'll at least consider it. The dates in question are: Saturday 28/5, sunday 29/5 and monday 30/5. 

If you can't help with a show but are able to spare a place to sleep for two persons we like to hear from you as well. This mostly applies to people living in west Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium.
And finally should you know of great events happening on these dates, that we should attend to, shout out.

here is a short presstext and below is the tour schedule. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reply this mail.

Wäldchengarten: Deliberately ignoring the fundamental rules of music,
Wäldchengarten aims to catch the feel of the eye of the hurricane - one of
overall chaos, but at the same time a disquieting silence. The musical
result is rumbling and buzzing with fragile guitar- and ringing sounds,
feeds and rattle; violently but still beautiful. It isn't exactly
anti-music, but Wäldchengarten has very much their own definition of how to
use and live with music.

Desolation House pressrelease:
Waldchengarten provides enveloping, blackened light on the sixth installment
of the Desolation House series, Relapse Records / Release Entertainment's
premium dark ambient collection. We are proud to offer only some of the
finest selections from the underground genre. All works are meticulously
selected for their depth and texture, then refined in mastering by the
impeccable ear of Robert Rich. Desolation House is a home to heavy forms of
dark electronics.

direct mp3-link: www.waldchengarten.dk/floorless.mp3

please visit www.waldchengarten.dk for detailed info, pictures and

26/5: SpLab, Aarhus, DK. (semi-rel.party)
27/5: Hörbar, Hamburg, D.
28/5: Day-off
29/5: Day-off
30/5: Cancelled.
31/5: Freaks End Future, Antwerpen, B.
1/6: RadioWorm Session, Rotterdam, NL.
2/6: M/S Stubnitz, Rotterdam, NL.
3/6: Sibirische Zelle, Berlin, D. 

We hope you're able to help out!

kind regards
Lars / Noisejihad

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