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"wife, life, tripe, damnit and THAT"
a performance of electro-acoustic sound and the
unsound body 
by Djalma Primordial Science
(Jeff Gburek - e.gtr. + magnetic processing
Ephia- unsound body)
dedicated to the spirit of Antonin Artaud 
May 12 and 13, 2005. 21:00. at Marci Panis.
Marcusstraat 52, 1091 TK Amsterdam
(between the Wibautstraat and the Weesperzijde;
about 3 km from the Amstel Station) 
Info: djalmaprisci at hotmail.com 

With installation by Het iLLUSEUM 

*This performance made possible with kind support of
the Berlin Mime Centrum.
"wife, life, tripe, damnit and THAT" is based in part
on the banned 1948 radio-broadcast of French
surrealist poet Antonin Artaud’s "To Have Done With
The Judgement Of God." Artaud's original recording has
been digitally stretched, spliced and manipulated by
Jeff Gburek. The new treatment of the text,
supplemented by textures from prepared guitar and
diverse organic & electronic sources, renders a
sonological universe from Artaud's vocables, a womb
from which the unsound body will be forced to slither.
“Then you will teach him to dance inside out/ as in
the delirium of our accordion dances /and that inside
out will be his true side out”
The work of dancer Ephia explores the feminine
elements of Artaud’s personality which emanated during
his electro-shock therapy and came to be called "the
unborn daughters of my heart". These semi-fictional
daughter/lover/warrior/liberator-s, these innocent and
filthy girls endure great hardships in their attempt
to liberate their lover/father. Neneka is the youngest
daughter, hence simultaneously the oldest, as this was
also the name of Artaud's Turkish grandmother. Neneka
is a fetal kitten slipped from the womb too soon, a
spill on the floor, a formless body and dripping caul,
a smudge. She is discovered in "the puddle state of
electro-shock," a terrifying place of trembling void.
"...the whole lie of this inward electric body which
for a certain number of centuries has been the burden
of every human being, turned inside out, became like
an immense turning outward in flames, monads of
nothingness bristling to the limits of an existence
held prisoner in my lead body, which could neither get
out of its lead coating nor stand up like a lead
The extensive research for "wife, life, tripe, damnit
and THAT" took Djalma Primordial Science to Mexico’s
Sierra Tarahumara in October 2003. Artaud visited the
Tarahumara Indians in the 1930’s seeking to learn
about the visionary experiences of those who "eat
right out of the earth the delirium that gave birth to
them" and whose vigorously physical spirituality
Artaud thought offered a remedy to Western
technological decadence. "wife, life tripe, damnit and
THAT" premiered April 25, 2004 in Austin, TX at a
welder's studio: large machines looming, metal pipes
bursting with flames. The next incarnations of this
project appeared in 2004 in Birmingham, AL at Omni
Studio the site of an old slaughter house, in New
Orleans, LA at The Jewel Gallery the site of an old
brothel, and in Phoenix, AZ at Teatro Caliente
Festival. Visit: www.djalma.com 
Further incarnations appeared in 2005:
January 31, February 1, 2005 The LIDA Project Theatre,
Denver, CO
February 25, 26, 2005, Jon Sims Center for the Arts,
San Fransisco, CA.
March 8, 2005 at NISUS/Galeria Galou, Brooklyn, NY
March 13, 2005 at Meet Da Lama Festival, Copenhagen,
May 12, 13, 2005 at Marci Panis, Amsterdam,
Ephia studied dance with Min Tanaka , Kazuo and
Yoshito Ohno, Anzu Furukawa, and Akira Kasai.
Following her interest in ritual dance, she traveled
to study under reknown teachers in Ghana, Java and
Bali. She holds a BFA in dance from Columbia
University (NYC). She danced in the company of the
late Anzu Furukawa in Berlin, appearing in Furukawa’s
final production, Goya: La Quinta del Sordo. In 1998,
she began her collaboration with musician Jeff Gburek.
In the seven years of consistent performance and
teaching with Djalma Primordial Science, Ephia’ s
deeply physical practice has gradually been recast as
the UNSOUND BODY, characterizing her concentrations on
instability, frailty and magma as movement imperatives
and her strong desire to scratch away the veil of
illusion from theater, leaving a spare and potent
bodily encounter. In addition to their annual
seven-day workshop in the desert of New Mexico,
regularly lead workshops for actors, dancers,
therapists, and all those interested in unleashing a
deep internal expression.
Djalma Primordial Science will teach a two week
intensive performance laboratory at the Mime Centrum
Berlin July 11-24, 2005. For more information please
visit www.djalma.com
Jeff Gburek has been playing guitars for 29 years and
has been performing widely throughout Western Europe
and the USA. During the 80’s he developed a
personalized steel-string acoustic style influenced by
Indian raga and Arabic maqamat, providing the
technical backdrop for his more challenging table-top
guitar & electro-acoustic treatments. He employs
traditional & prepared guitar techniques, along with
signal processing and field recordings, to create a
blend of improvisational-compositional music drawing
on the processes of musique concrete and the
philosophy of the unsound body, crossing and
re-crossing imaginary boundaries in sound. Other
projects include the Berlin-based electro-acoustic
trio ZYGOMA with percussionist Michael Vorfeld and
sampling by Michael Walz. Additional appearances with
reknown East German trombonist Konrad Bauer and
English guitar pioneer Keith Rowe, confirm a continual
interest in European experimental music. A CD of
guitar solos and electro-acoustic compositions called
ENERGARIUMS has just been released by the German label
NUR/NICHT/NUR. (visit www.energariums.com for ordering

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