[Microsound-announce] Nowhere Campfire Tapes

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Tue May 3 08:23:16 EDT 2005

Afe Records and Ctrl+Alt+Canc presents: 

punck: "Nowhere Campfire Tapes" 

the first punck's full lenght CD 

description and mp3 previews:

"I think that with "Nowhere Campfire Tapes" he has reached his most refined 
moment. Playing around with his sources quite clearly (the rain in "Almost 
Anything" or the water sound in "Tsunami Notes"), each on its distinct part 
of the sound spectrum, the four pieces are lengthy, microscopic and detailed 
precise pictures. Whereas his previous works had industrial music elements, 
this is all gone here and replaced by a more than excellent work along the 
lines of Richard Chartier or Roel Meelkop, but with even clearer 
diversification of the sound sources."  A very fine work! 

[Frans De Waard] 


More info and orders here:

thanx a lot  for your time 


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