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Wed Jun 29 11:41:51 EDT 2005

TRANS>PARENT RADIATION is pleased to announce it's second net-release.  


Golden | Various
Net Release Date - June 2005 
Codec: MP3 Variable Bit Rate; Highest Quality 
Physical in 2006 
Edition 50

Wide-ranging interpretations of the Golden Mean. 

The Golden Mean is perhaps the best known ratio in the world. If one produces a series by adding two consecutive terms to arrive at the next term (0,1,2,3,5,8,13...etc.) then as the numbers increase the factor each term is larger than the previous term approaches it's limit; 1.6180339887... It is this limit that is often called the "Divine Proportion,” and it and its reciprocal have been widely drawn upon for inspiration and explanation in the natural sciences, architecture, engineering, art and music. Numerous classical and modern composers have works interpreting this natural phenomenon. Proven itself to provide direction to so many we decided to ask some current sound-artists to consider producing a work inspired by this math. Far from sounding similar and formulaic these works are wide-ranging taking the listener through 11 distinct sound-worlds. 

Artists include Toshiya Tsunoda, Jos Smolders, brekexkexkoaxkoax, Toy Bizarre, Dale Lloyd...etc.




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