[Microsound-announce] New Reviews and events on Furthernoise.org

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Sat Jun 25 13:17:08 EDT 2005

New Reviews and events on Furthernoise

New on Furthernoise this month resident Mark Mclaren features the net 
label Conv looking into the creative commons future and recent releases 
from Kazumichi Grime, Heribert Friedl, Henrik Olsson & Anders Dahl as 
well as passing his earlobe over Scanners new work commissioned by the 
EU, Europa 25. The review also features an interview with Scanner about 
the making of the piece and his experience of working for the EU.

We are joined again by Keyop' s Andrew Palmer who waxes lyrical, 
genuflecting on Foetus's Jim Thurwells recent release Manorexia and 
Mark Francombe takes over on net contributions featuring releases  from 
Devico in the US & Santiago based sound crafters Chiste. Roland from 
Poland twins cities from Bristol & Hanover with his impressions of 
Bristol's Rob Dean and Hanover experimentalists Medusa and writer & 
poet Jerry Jigger opines on Icky Whitenail's obsessional  music poetry 
in the Ink Blot Sudarium.  Alex Young flags up Meri Von KleinSmids 
release Ex Vivo from Mimeograph Recordings while new guest reviewer 
David del la Haye takes us through London City Universities student 
sonic art compilation Sonicities.

New York's prog jazzers Zs top the list of new music this month with 
their EP Karate Bump and we have a fresh new mp3 selection featuring 
music and sounds from a host of international artists. We also feature 
a streamed mp3 of February's Visitors Studio's multi continental net 
jam on Resonance FM featuring Midori Hirano , John Kannenberg & Mark 

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