[Microsound-announce] Sascha Neudeck - New Release

Sascha Neudeck sascha.neudeck at chello.at
Tue Jun 14 17:46:18 EDT 2005

New CD-r release "Schattenwind"  by Sascha Neudeck at Chmafu Nocords.

Sascha Neudeck (Vienna, Austria) works in biological science.
Making music since childhood, his job made him aware of the microscopic 
side of sound.
This interest led him to work intensively with granular synthesis, 
alienating samples and sound particles in general.

"On "Schattenwind" I mangled my samples several times. For me one of the
most precarious decisions is whether I should process a sample further 
or not.
When is it time to stop the treatment? The other important thing is to 
develop some kind
of absorbing structure in my tracks." (Sascha Neudeck)

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