[Microsound-announce] Words of an Oak: Love Songs for Wrapping Papers

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Sat Dec 24 11:07:30 EST 2005

Hi all,

I put together a holiday edition of my podcast.  Hope you're all well!


The Words of an Oak
Number Five: Love Songs for Wrapping Papers
form - martin siewert and martin brandlmayr
my within - the lappetites
afterclap - 13 and god
hot boyz - dear nora and casiotone for the painfully alone
hot - missy elliot
rat-tat-tat-tat - dre
energetic sniffle patrol - cock e.s.p.
smother me - the blue meanies
song for the vanishing birds - nomad palace
for the trees - matmos
mr. miguel - kevin blechdom
pagina dos (feat. the books) - prefuse73
03 - tv pow
blast off! - 8bit bEtty
incense of voice - sawako


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he can jog split ep with jahbitat forthcoming on norsordo:

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