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Mon Aug 15 18:05:04 EDT 2005

hey Jeremy,

Can you consider releasing your shows in ogg vorbis, flac, or mp3 format?


On 8/11/05, Jeremy Dickens <logickal23 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Apologies for the cross-post, but I know there are microsounders who might
> be intereted... Just a quick shout to all of our friends out there that the
> first episode of FlightDynamics (the new Offnominal Podcast) is now
> available for your listening pleasure.  It's a show of no fixed format
> (leaning obviously (but not exclusively) towards electronic and experimental
> music) to serve the following purposes:
>  1) Provide myself and others with a "virtual venue" in which to perform
>  2) Play cool music and pretend to be a DJ.
>  This first episode is somewhere in between the two, a live mix of a  couple
> of live performances and some other material I've had spinning  around on
> the old harddrive.  The next installment is planned to be a tribute to the
> late Koji Tano, aka MSBR who passed away last week.  In the meantime, if you
> or anyone you know has any music, field recording or other audio scrap
> they'd be willing to air out on a random podcast, make sure to let me know! 
> I'm scouring the web now for any nice sounds I can get my hands on.  If
> anyone wants to record or donate a live set to fulfill purpose 1, that would
> be <ahem> really, really nice.
>  One caveat is that in the spirit of experimentation, I have encoded this
> first episode with the new AAC format for iTunes that allows for
> bookmarking, chapter breaks and the like.  I'm not totally committed to
> staying in that format, but for now you'll need iTunes to listen.  If this
> cheeses you off because you think iTunes is the devil, let me know.
>  To subscribe, you can visit the blog at http://www.offnominal.com/blog and
> either grab the RSS 2.0 feed at the bottom of the page or download the file
> directly from the blog post.  Or, you could just take it directly from here:
> http://www.offnominal.com/blog/wp-rss2.php?category_name=podcast
> - put that url into your podcast client of choice and it'll serve it up to
> you automatically, hot like you like it.
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> http://www.offnominal.com 
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