[Microsound-announce] Dale Lloyd and V.A. - amalgam --- new cdr on con-v

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Tue Aug 9 06:31:40 EDT 2005

Hi All.

American composer & and/OAR curator Dale Lloyd was invited to have work 
released on label Con-v; but instead of a solo release, he chose to 
invite some friends to make it a collaboration release. The end result 
features eleven different collaborations, produced and arranged by Dale 
In spite of the tracktitles' allusion to the periodic table, this 
release represents in no way an analytic science - rather a creative 
one, deeply infused with the alchemists spirit. Adding very little as 
far as sound sources go, the creative proces involves mainly processing 
& editing of the source sounds delivered by a range of collaborators. 
The result, albeit an amalgam of distinctive sonic perspectives, is an 
aural entity of a wholly integral kind: a set of sonified objects of a 
meta-organic nature, cohering as a parallel but antithetical universe to 
that of the analytical & materialistic mind-set of the standard table of 
the elements.
Artists featured: Robert Horton , Nathan McNinch , Omnid , Ben Owen , 
Josh Russell , Stuart Dodman , Ubeboet , Scott Taylor , Heribert Friedl 
, K.M. Krebs , and Jon Tulchin .


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