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Candace Esslinger dacey9 at gmail.com
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I hear all of you :)
I agree with the sentiment of  knowing what is too much,   although
screeching kids is pretty obvious.
*What to do about it in the moment* is something that seems needed and to
be made clear if
we are continuing with kids inside for rehearsal, i.e.., if your child is
screeching, banging loudly
during rehearsal and we are trying ever so hard to listen, it's up to the
parent to understand
 note it and take action.   If parents understand what "Honk means" =
everyone quiet
and that it is a rehearsal, like being in a class at school,
 they can share the rules with their kids and if the kids have a hard time
with that
then they can be excused, maybe come back when they're ready?

I'm willing to give it another try but feel we need to be on the same page
about this and
we need to be able to share it with parents.

Camilo, is a band member as are his parents who do a fine job modeling
appropriate behavior at rehearsals.
I think anyone can be a band member if they can follow a few rules and
aren't significantly
detrimental to the rehearsal or performance.


On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 2:26 PM, Marie Ghitman via JPhonk <jphonk at or8.net>

> Hi all - we didn't really have a conversation about this and I don't want
> to ignore it (which would by default send the message that kids and their
> families are no longer welcome). Is everyone ok with saying that all are
> welcome as long as they are relatively quiet - ie don't interfere with
> practice?
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> Co-Producer, Jamaica Plain Porchfest and Hoopla Productions
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