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Wed Oct 25 10:55:57 EDT 2017

Joanna is a twirler from LMB who was writing asking about BABAM's veterans
parade ...
their two twirlers are so much fun to watch! I wish we had a person or two
or five like that, but on the other hand I don't know what they do song
after song after song... I don't want to underestimate what kind of
planning that stuff takes. (I mean the way School of Honk only Dance
Parties once a month is telling)

Once Halloween is settled and we get into our fall/winter restocking, it
might be fun to brainstorm and how to liven up w/ light choreogprahy - I
see some coordinated swaying in general. Someone from a HONK roundtable
mentioned that when the players are looser like that, often it makes it
more likely to get the audience dancin'...

Maybe if we get a "kids song" going, that can be part of it... that for
certain big events, where we know the parents w/ kids will be there, we
figure out how to make it a playing/dancing/singing thing for the one
song... (just brainstorming here, ideas aren't jelled)
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