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Hi Marie and Agustina -

In a different conversation w/ Marie and some others I wrote:
One thing is the last rehearsal was especially chaotic, but half of that
was adding a bunch of grown up musicians (and personally I was doubly
stressed because I locked my keys, and tuba, in the car :-D

Camilo is absolutely fine... he's a mellow kid! And also, the sax they give
him makes a pretty moderate amount of noise. It's the pile of kids, some of
whom are armed with kinda loud percussion, but more worrisomely who screech
a bit. Which is a totally normal kid thing to do, but definitely raises the
"gah!" level of a rehearsal

One thing I don't understand, and I'm not sure if it's useful for resolving
this or not, is what are the parents looking to get for their kids or
themselves from it? Obviously the kids generally aren't at the Sanchez
point. I think there is a valuable lesson in community, maybe that's what
it's about, and it's a good lesson.

In another conversation Agustina suggested maybe "What would you guys think
if we say that kids and families are allowed the first Monday of the month
during indoor practices?"
That sounds like a reasonable compromise to me I think--

As you can see we're torn, when we're outside it's such a great feeling of
community w/ the kid legion.

Do we know what the other parents are going to do this evening? Agustina
are you in contact with most of those folks?

I'm also tempted to keep the course as is for a bit, and see if maybe last
Monday was especially fraught and high energy and maybe the screeching and
drum pounding was not 100% typical ...
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