[JPhonk] lovely gig! (and upcoming concert of Rebirth)

Kirk Is kirkjerk at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 23:07:54 EDT 2017

Hey there!

That felt like a great gig to me! (though I don't want us to hurt our arms
patting ourselves on the back when the two people who really get to judge
are on this list :-D  )

Just wanted to mention that Rebirth Brass Brand is playing @ the Sinclair
early December - my gf + I got tickets for the "early" show Sat Dec 2 - I
think that's when Marie is going. They're also playing Friday.

Anyway, see a bunch of you tomorrow!
Matt mentioned it is possible to go to the School of Honk parade but but
not the concert after and still make OUR parade w/ the BSO... I might try
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