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Good points by Candace (and Johnny). I do tend to take on a lot sometimes,
balancing greeting w/ other stuff I'm trying to do in musical leadership
(and keeping the dang bassline going)

It's especially tricky because we have both Gig-O and or8 mailing list, and
the distinction isn't going to be clear to many new friends. (And THEN we
can throw both those things, but the BABAM flavor at them :-D I tend to try
and hold off on that, but I'm always worried they'll be left out of those
loops) Oh and then there's WhatsApp. Oh and good old text messages of
course :-D

Maybe something as dorky as little cards or slips to hand out?
(Both Gig-O and or8 have "you sign up /request invite yourself" and
"existing member adds you" modes. I tend to use "invite yourself" to or8
and "I'll invite you" to Gig-O, but not for really good reasons)

Re: phone numbers. I want to respect people's privacy concerns, and the
idea that, yeesh, you dont HAVE to hand out your personal number if you
don't feel like it, no questions asked or suspicions raised

I guess one problem with the "hey lets get together face to face" idea is
that it might be good as a one time event but as new people trickle in its
not sustainable-- almost aggressive to say to someone "tell everyone your
phone number and here are all our phone numbers" especially if a person
might not know if they are going to be a regular yet...
maybe we could have 2 or so "phone # gatekeepers", people who have almost
everyone's phone #, and are often able to react to messages during the day,
and they can forward things as needed (in practice, this is kind of what
I'm used as now, but that's just the fact I've been setting up a lot of
gigs for a long time and #s have trickled into my phone)

On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 8:02 PM, Candace Esslinger via JPhonk <
jphonk at or8.net> wrote:

> RE: Phone numbers--
> -Absolutely people can decline.
> -Kirk did make an announcement to see him after rehearsal to get on
> mailing list.
> -WhatsApp is also optional
> -Gigomatic--
> I think this is about information sharing and communication.
> Perhaps a communication team would be able  to
> assist new members in where to find information, get them on gigo, email
> list,
> whatsapp etc. if they felt they wanted to be in the loop. Also along those
> same
> lines we never know if new people are going to show up, so it would be nice
> if there was some way to usher them in without it being too disruptive to
> rehearsal
> and at the same time making them feel welcome.
>   I feel bad often diverting people to Kirk when he already
> seems to have his hands full (and we are in the middle of rehearsal
> often in the middle of a song when we're outside)
>  I also felt for Erica missing her  pocketbook and not having her phone
> number,
> hence my email.
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 11:12 AM, johnny via JPhonk <jphonk at or8.net>
> wrote:
>> On 10/18/17 10:57, Kirk Is via JPhonk wrote:
>>> Any suggestions for sharing? Maybe an online webpage but in a secret
>>> place?
>> there is no secret place on line.
>> what if we spend 10 minutes at a rehearsal sometime exchanging numbers
>> with each other?
>> like face to face. remember that?
>> also, i'd like to see a "rule" enabled whereby people are entitled to
>> decline if they choose to without having to explain why they are declining.
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