[JPhonk] Rehearsal wisdom

johnny js0000 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 11:19:12 EDT 2017


On 10/18/17 11:09, Kirk Is via JPhonk wrote:
> Yeah, the kids scene is a challenge for our stance balancing being a 
> community group and an effort to be a musically good band

i think there is no problem out of doors at stonybrook. but inside it is 
completely unworkable. we have enough problems keeping the 
instrumentalists who are actually playing focused on the music that is 
being rehearsed.

with the addition of screaming kids- all bets were off.

so i would like to propose that kids are not allowed at indoor rehearsals.

> Re: noodling. A challenge.


i think it comes down to the mind. are you there to work with the band 
on the music; or are you half checked out into your own thing ready to 
jump into the band when it seems more interesting?

it's not fun to sit and wait for a smaller group to figure out 
something, but it makes for a better rehearsal if we are all willing to 
focus on the task at hand. there's also an organizational part that we 
were making progress on [which songs to work on at which rehearsal], but 
it seems to have stalled out.

maybe we can make another small team to handle rehearsal organization?

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